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Pickleberry Pie brings smiles to kids

  • Children and their families get free entertainment, brightening spirits and bringing joy and laughter.
  • Hospital staff appreciate the break from routine and watching their patients smile.
  • Performers love the opportunity to make a difference.
  • Music reduces anxiety, improves mood and creates a better hospital environment.

Music Matters - One Family's Story

When Jake was a baby he had to have brain surgery. His mom was afraid she would hurt him if she picked him up. In the hospital, a Pickleberry Pie musician came in their room and started singing. The doctor stopped by, picked up Jake and put him in his mom's arms. His mom swayed to the music and felt she was reunited with her baby.

"I told my family how impactful and meaningful it was to have you there when Jake was going through his ordeal. It's a wonderful offer and so vital to the wellbeing of these kids and helping their day go a little faster and their spirits feel a little more healing - it's a good cause!"

Pickleberry Moments

Whether it's getting a teenager to smile for the first time in months, distracting a child from the needles used for an infusion, or bringing relief to the parents who just found out their child has diabetes, Pickleberry Pie musicians are there. We call these Pickleberry moments - we don't know what just happened, but we know it was important!  Allowing a child to sing, dance & smile during a difficult time keeps us going!

We need your help!

We've set a goal of $25,000! The more we make, the more concerts we can provide.  The money we raise will help us send more musicians into hospitals to sing for kids. We have a national network of experienced musicians who know how to handle the special situations that occur in a therapeutic setting. Most of the money we spend goes directly to the artists so we can bring in the very best talent. Help us continue this magic and music with a generous contribution!

Perks, In Honor and In Memory!

Check out the perks you get for your donation. You can also make a donation in honor or in memory of someone special to you and we'll post it on our website & send an honor card. Contact Jenny at if you'd like to do a memory or honor donation.

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