Phone top ups for Asylum Seekers & Refugee in COVID19 Lock down

By Migrants Organising For Rights and Empowerment

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In response to the differing needs of our communities during the outbreak of COVID 19, we (MORE, The Unity Centre and Maslows Commuity Shop-Govan ) are raising funds to support our communities that are currently experiencing the asylum system with a monthly  minimum of a £10.00 phone top up and £30.00 shopping foreseeable future.

As most interacting is done virtually during this unprecedent lock-down, we know very well that many of our friends don't have any access to smartphone or mobile contracts and rely solely on pay as you go to stay connected.

Mutual aid has always been central to the functioning of groups in Glasgow like MORE, The Unity Centre, Docs not Cops, Maslows Community Shop-Govan and No Eviction Network .The Unity Centre central office is close, to ensure the safety of our community and volunteers and we have adapted our services the rapidly changing circumstances.

Since places such as Unity, which provide vital support, networking opportunities and a welcomed source of friendship, stability, and security is closed for the foreseeable future. Our friends are at a greater risk of social isolation, physical, emotional and mental decline in the absence of the social connection and stability which these physical communities provide.

We are determined to stay in touch, maintain social connections and build new friendships. This is particularly difficult for our communities who are currently destitute and have had their support stopped by the Home Office. 

With this in mind MORE has donated the first £200.00 and is extending the invitation to our friend and allies who are still able to work from home, and may saving money on their daily commute to show solidarity by contributing to this vital top up fund. This will ensure none of our friends fall between the cracks as they will be able to make access the Unity Centre, MORE and other vital organisation, thus ensuring none of our friends fall between the cracks as we maintain physical distance our friends will remain socially connected.

So far, we received several requests from the Asylum seeking and refugee community who would otherwise be unable to maintain social connections with their friends, communities and vital support services. We have supported at least ten families with £10-£20 electronic pay as go top up, which last for 30 days and we intend replicate this for the foreseeable future.

With every £10 we fundraise we’d be able to support someone to stay connected to others during these lonely and frightening times for example-

  • £10 bundles include 4-8 GB data, 200 -unlimited mins, and unlimited text  

  • £15 bundles include 14- 15 GB data 250-unlimited minutes and unlimited text

  • £20 bundles include 30 GB – unlimited data, unlimited minutes and text

  • Access Food with Dignity

As a result of going conversations and needs assessment of migrant community. We extended our support on 8th April to include a minimum of £30.00 monthly shopping per household since Food banks, Food shares and Community meals which normally supplements asylum seekers food are currently closed for the foreseeable future due to the current pandemic.

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