Enable poor households to afford toilets

By WISE - WASH in Southeast Asia Limited

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Thank you for raising S$2,400 during Giving Week! 

Do you believe that everyone has the right to a space where they can defecate and bathe in safety and privacy? WISE and local partner Neakpoan Organisation for Development's pilot latrine construction subsidy scheme provided 80-100% subsidies to five poor households in Phnom Village, enabling them to no longer have to defecate in the open.

(Supporters in Indonesia/Singapore who do not have PayPal/credit card can donate by local bank transfer. Please check here.) 

We need your help to #maketoiletsaffordable.

With your donation, we aim to cover the costs of implementing, monitoring and evaluating the subsidy scheme and expand the scheme to other poor households. In addition, we are exploring initiatives to promote proper hygiene such as handwashing that, together with toilets, are critical to improving health.

Since the subsidy was provided in July 2018, alll but one household has repaid their US$60 (S$80) contribution. Hai Hong has repaid one-third of the constribution and is currently working in another province to earn additional income for her family. Read our article on the implementation of the scheme here.


Approximately 70 of the 101 households in Phnom Village do not have a latrine. On request from the residents in December 2015, WISE has been working together with local partner Neakpoan Organisation for Development (NOD) to increase access to sanitation in the community.

The latrine construction subsidy scheme was designed after an extensive needs assessment and community planning process with the residents of the village. Check out the needs assessment report as well as activity report on the community planning workshop.


As of November 2018, we have spent:

  • S$7,500 to launch the latrine construction subsidy scheme. This includes publicising the scheme to all the households, interviewing applicants and constructing the toilets.
  • S$850 to follow up with the recipients through monthly visits. Team members interview recipients on toilet satisfaction, and resolve any issues with the toilets. The data gather is also compiled and analysed.
  • S$3,000 for personnel to design and manage the project, as well as prepare proposals, grant applications and project reports. 

The remaining budget will be used to continue monthly follow up visits, evaluate the feasibility and impact of the subsidy scheme and expand our efforts to improve sanitation in Phnom Village.

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