Phnom Penh Touch Rugby Khmer Players

By Cameron Milne

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A little bit of context

The Phnom Penh Touch Rugby Club are touring to Bangkok to compete in the Southerners Annual Social Mixed International Touch Tournament Thailand (SASMITTT) and as always, sponsor the Khmer players to encourage touch rugby growth and hopefully give them an amazing experience!

But there’s a problem

Funding is always hard to come by in Cambodia...
The three Khmer players that were chosen to tour this tournament are incredibly inspiring players. Coming from a country where the average income is only $5 a day and just the general day to day survival is a challenge, we hope to give these players an experience they won't forget.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We're raising funds to take the Khmer players with us to BKK, to iuve them an experience they otherwise wouldn't be able to realise.

You can join us

The Khmer players (Soviet, Lin, and Soknov) conducted a bake up on the weekend also, making coconut and banana pancakes which we'll be selling at touch and contact training. Make sure if you're around to come down and get yours!

Your funds raised will go directly towards transport, playing uniforms, hotels and meals for the Khmer players.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

We'll be posting photos online about our trip to BKK and you'll be able to see the opportunity that YOU'VE allowed them! The smiles say it all!!!

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