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We're all in this together.

Many of us are home from work, school and avoiding crowds in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and protect our friends, families, neighbors and ourselves. As we take steps to prepare ourselves for COVID-19 in a way that protects our most vulnerable, we recognize the economic impact these actions will inevitably have on our communities.

And we are stronger when we support one another.

It is becoming increasingly clear that while necessary, the social distancing measures advised to slow the spread of the virus will have an inevitable economic impact on us all, hitting the most vulnerable the hardest. Even if we are not at work, kids are home from school and we are doing all we can to stay safe, our financial obligations unfortunately do not disappear. Most of us can probably expect to find our lives interrupted with lost or decreased wages, childcare, meals provided at work or school and other means of financial support.

Luckily, brotherly love is what Philly does best.

We're raising funds to make sure that we all are able to make the healthiest choices for our families and our neighborhoods while maintaining our dignity and quality of life. These mutual aid efforts are to help offset the impact this pandemic may have on our city and provide for one another in this time.

We may be "isolating" but we are not alone.

This is an opportunity to ensure that we have the resources to weather the pandemic and care for our communities at a time when it matters most.

You can join us.

We have set a goal to start as we do not have a way of guessing the needs of our population offhand, however we always hope to exceed all goals to better provide for every need. There's no amount too small. If we all gave only $5 to support our neighbors who need it most, it would make a huge impact. If you are in a position to help beyond this, it could potentially save a life. Even if you only have $1 to spare comfortably, that could help provide medicine, groceries, or other resources. Dollar bills, while not nearly as valuable, are similar to us in that their power increases when we put them together. No contribution is too small or large.

We are making history in real time.

While this certainly is not the first large scale event to affect our city, this is a unique opportunity to create a system that works to support and protect us all as we navigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in the upcoming weeks and months.

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