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We are officially done our Pilot Cycle! Any funds raised May 21 2020 onwards will go towards our Fall 2020 Cycle. Thank you for all your support!

Who we are

The People’s Healing Fund is led by a multiracial and mixed class collective of politicized healing practitioners and community members. We see firsthand the need for services  designed to meet the needs of marginalized people and communities,  and we know the potential for transformative healing that is possible when folks can find the mode of healing that works for them, and practitioners they feel safe with. We think everyone should be able to access the healing services they want and need. 

We are committed to increasing access to healing services within our communities in ways that center the wisdom and lived realities of marginalized people. This campaign is for our first round of funding, and we intend to continue this project, with two funding cycles each year, and a developing process for community feedback. We believe healing should be centered in our movements and accessible to all, and want to build the resources, capacities, and reach of marginalized healers embedded in community. We believe that economic justice is part of healing justice, and we seek to create alternative economies of care that center our relationships and wellbeing.  

For our movements to thrive, we all need to be able to access healing

We live in an increasingly economically polarized city and society, where many of us struggle to afford basic living costs, nevermind paying out of pocket for things like therapy, massage, acupuncture, attendant care, or herbal medicine. Oppression makes us sick, and even if we can find the time and money to seek out healing services, it can be hard to find practitioners who understand the experiences and needs of marginalized communities including Black, Indigenous, people of colour, queer, trans, Deaf, disabled, migrant, drug users, sex workers, cash-poor, and working class people

There are many barriers marginalized people face in getting into healing work and being financially supported for it. (Finding traditional medicine teachers, paying for school and supplies, being well enough to study, juggling multiple jobs, facing the racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and classism built into the structure of schools and institutions, and the ways colonization and white supremacy have violently disrupted traditional medicine lineages). Marginalized practitioners often end up offering more low-cost and free services because they are acutely aware of the needs of their communities, even when this means they are unable to get by financially.

Money is complicated. Racial capitalism has us internalize complex stories about our worthiness, scarcity, and security based around money and class. Further we are often disconnected from our own and each other’s financial situations because of shame around money and the white supremacist values that block these conversations. This requires us to encourage transparency and continually build intersectional class consciousness as we do this work.

We can have an impact

Our goal is to support the collective healing and liberation of our communities.

We are raising funds which will be redistributed to marginalized healing practitioners located in and around Tkaronto (Toronto) who are BIPOC and cash-poor or working class. We are in turn, asking these practitioners to use their relationships and community connections to determine the best use of those funds in the context of their healing work with marginalized people. 

We are building a community-based model of economic redistribution to increase access to healing for people who are systemically under-served. We aim to build up the capacity of healing practitioners to care for our own communities and to support sustainability for practitioners; this can help to ease the pressure off individual practitioners to offer low-cost/free services.

We recognize that ableism creates additional financial barriers for many folks when trying to access services. There will be an additional pot of funding specifically for access needs related to seeing healing practitioners, including transportation, attendant care and ASL. People receiving services can directly request some additional cash from this pot. 

This community-based model will create space for open dialogue and political education around class, access to healthcare and healing amongst practitioners. 

Applications for our next cycle will open sometime in the fall of 2020. See our website for more info, and follow us on facebook and instagram to get updates on our work.

We need your help! 

We began this campaign for our first round of funding. We have already redistributed almost $28 000 through an Emergency Fund during the COVID-19 pandemic, and amongst 18 healing practitioners to support their work in community. We are spending the summer of 2020 reflecting and evaluating our pilot cycle, and plan to launch our second funding cycle sometime in the fall. This fundraiser is remaining open to begin building up the pot of funds that will be distributed in cycle two. One time and ongoing gifts are welcome. 

This money will go directly into the hands of working class BIPOC healing practitioners (like herbalists, acupuncturists, personal support workers, counsellors, therapists, massage therapists, craniosacral practitioners, etc), who will use it to provide services to people in their communities who might not otherwise be able to access their services (or access them as often as they need). 

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the fund! 

We are especially seeking supporters who have economic privilege that makes it easier for you to access healing services (like if you have benefits, or can afford to pay out of pocket for the healing services you need), and supporters who are healing practitioners themselves! 

Here’s what you get: 

  • The warm feeling that you're using your resources to contribute to healing communities and towards mutual aid  
  • Knowledge that your support is helping marginalized folks access greatly needed healing services that contribute to collective liberation 
  • Being part of a network of people dedicated to healing communities 

If you are a politicized healing practitioner, join our network!

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