Philly Teachers' Union T-Shirt (Limited Edition)

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UPDATE 5/31: This campaign will close on Saturday, June 3. Did we say "limited edition"? We meant it!

UPDATE 5/25: Please select the "Pick your shirt size" Perk option! The "Donate" buttons do not allow you to order shirts.

We all love gear.

Everyone in the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers is a fan of PFT gear. It's a badge of pride to wear red and display our shield on a shirt, a hat, a pin. It's a reminder to us and to our communities of our ongoing struggles to fight for our future through our students, and it's a show of unity when worn en masse.

And yet... don't you sometimes wish there was some other way to show off your union pride? The work we do and the battles we wage comprise serious business, but why not inject a hint of fun and surprise—a bit of "cool factor"—into our efforts?

A PFT teacher had the idea to spice up union members' wardrobes with gear that reconfigured our name in the styles of Philadelphia sports teams. Our city's fandom, passion, and knowledge about sports are unparalleled in the nation. What better way to make colleagues look twice—and start conversations with our fellow citizens—than tying the games we love to the work we love?

Let's change the game.

This is a campaign allowing donors to pre-order the first in what will hopefully be a series of PFT t-shirts referencing our city's pro sports franchises. These shirts are being used to raise funds for the Caucus of Working Educators (WE) of the PFT, in order to continue supporting our union's fight for a fair contract, advancing better working and learning conditions in our schools, and taking up the social justice issues that affect our profession, our students, our city, and our nation.

This design is inspired by Philadelphia's professional baseball team. These unisex crew-neck shirts are bright red, suggesting both our primary union color and the team's main color. The front of the shirt includes "PFT" in the team's modern stylized script. The back of this shirt includes "Local 3" in the style of the team's uniform backs. All ink is white.

Pick your shirt size and be part of the team for $25.

Each shirt you pre-order is $25US. Please select the "Pick your shirt size" Perk option! The "Donate" buttons do not allow you to order shirts. Please provide all payment, contact, and size information.

Currently, you may purchase multiple shirts of the SAME size at one time; e.g., you may receive 3 small shirts for a total donation of $75. If you want shirts of different sizes, you need to place orders/make donations for each size; e.g., if you need a small, medium, and large shirt, you need to make three separate $25 donations. Sorry, no volume discounts.

As soon as we get our first 100 pre-orders we'll begin production, followed by mailing and distribution.


How labor-friendly are these shirts? Our production vendor is located in Philadelphia, their plants are union shops, and the shirts are made in the USA.

Why are these shirts more expensive than regular PFT shirts? Production costs, primarily. Printing smaller quantities of shirts usually means a higher per-shirt cost. This particular design is being printed on both side of a shirt, as well. We're also mailing and distributing the shirts by ourselves.

I remember seeing designs on maroon shirts floating around on the internet. What happened to them? We presented this red design and a design based on more "vintage" Philly baseball uniforms in informal surveys across social media. Respondents preferred the modern red look by more than a 2-to-1 margin. We may offer the maroon design in the future.

Can I get these in a different color or style? This is the only design currently being offered. We received requests to offer a v-neck design, but our research indicated they might be too expensive for people to want to buy.

Can I buy these in person? If you know and can contact a WE caucus member in the real world, we will gladly take offline donations/pre-orders.

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