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Pets' Corner

Pets' Corner is a community-run animal centre in Longford Park, Stretford. We work hard to ensure the animals are happy and well-looked after, but urgently need money to pay for a new roof, CCTV, vet's bills, and to generally improve the animals' environment over the next 12 months.

We are entirely funded by the community

Council funding was dropped in 2014 and now we are entirely reliant on donations to keep going. Your donations will enable us to provide for our animals, and also help keep them safe by going towards the maintenance of our CCTV security system and restoration of the roofing to ensure they don't get wet! We want to keep Pets' Corner an environment where our animals are safe, and having a good security system and dry place to live is key for their wellbeing.

We know that the local community of Stretford, Chorlton, and surrounding areas want us to stay open, and we want to keep animals there and to make sure that they are safe. So many people have told us that they remember coming to this area as children, and that they now bring their children to Pets' Corner to see the animals. We want to have a collection of happy, well-fed and healthy animals, of which the local community can be proud.

Please help us with a donation - no amount is too large or too small. (There is also a collection box at Pets' Corner for small contributions of cash). Thank you.

P.S. The picture above shows one of our younger volunteers who comes to help out with her Mum. We would also welcome your time if you can't spare any cash! Please email [email protected] if you're interested in joining our weekly animal care rota.

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