Help Beat the Perfectionism Epidemic - A Mental Health Crisis for Women

By Uniquely Feminine Psychology

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Hi my name is Honor Newman. I am a psychologist that specialises in female mental health. I've been seeing clients for 15 years. I have witnessed myself, my clients, colleagues and friends all experience these barriers and suffer accordingly and i've also helped many heal and move forward.

Doesn't it break your heart each time you see your daughter or a friend suffering with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder or simply low self esteem? You really love them and want to see them happy and you feel hopeless about how to help.especially when you see them beating themselves up constantly...

There is still a long way to go in order to help women band girls be treated fairly and equally in this society and this is the reason many are still suffering with their mental health. There are a lot of seemingly invisible barriers for women to do things such as - earn decent money and feel happy and free from abuse. Its usually only when she hits up against the barrier she realises its there at all.

It is my dream to step out of my clinic and help thousands upon thousands of females break out of negative conditioning, perfectionism and low self esteem and other mental health problems by creating online programs specifically designed to improve their health and well-being. These programs will be based on sound academic and market research. This will change the world by helping women rise and express their full talents and share those incredible gifts. It will improve productivity, parenting and reduce divorce rates.
This means happier kids too. When womenand girls are happy the world is happy.

In the next 90 days I aim to raise $12000 for this cause. This is so I can continue to create free interactive online classes on social media to educate females on what they can do to improve their mental health as well as to build and sell online programs tthat include educational strategies to help break unhelpful mindset and behaviour patterns. I already have 2 online programs and 3 books ready to go. The money is to pay for my time to run the classes, promote the programs, create more programs and the tech expenses.

Here's 2 good reasons to donate - each dollar you donate goes to helping many females smile again and that means happier mums, wives, workers, sisters and friends. Good for you, good for the community now and well into the future.

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