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Line The Streets for #ClimateActNow

Join us in wearing blue attire and (legally) lining the access roads to Parliament House, Canberra between 7am and 9am on Monday 23 March 2020 to demand the politicians TAKE ACTION and support the bill.

Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation) Bill 2020

Climate change is real for Australia, with immediate and deepening risks to our natural environment, economy and way of life. Our unprecedented early summer bushfires are a clear indication of the worst of those risks, and how they will affect some communities more than others. But there are also opportunities to prosper, given our enormous natural, human and financial wealth. To protect our economy and environment, Australia must have strong national plans to adapt to increasing impacts of climate change, to reduce and mitigate its risks and to leverage its opportunities.

Zali Steggall, the independent member for Warringah has developed a bill to address these urgent issues.

This Bill sets out a clear framework for national plans to be put in place and updated by the Australian Government, and for progress to be rigorously monitored and reported. This national framework will ensure that Australia has:

1. a positive response to the challenges of climate change that is transparent and effective, and that pursues new opportunities, generational equity and just transitions

2. national plans for adapting to a changing climate,so that the different parts of our continent and economy can respond positively to changing physical conditions and international policies

3. national plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to meet emissions reduction targets that align with scientific imperatives and State government and international commitments, and

4. transparent monitoring, reporting and accountability for national adaptation planning and emission reduction actions, with an independent Climate Change Commission (CCC) to advise Government and Parliament.

While this bill does not go far enough quickly enough, it is an important first step to ensuring government action.

Your funds will go towards the logistics of holding this event. Use of funds will include advertising the event; sound systems & staging; signage, banners & other visual materials; and other general logistical items.

For more information see  or the event page or our website

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