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By Peoples Climate Action Coalition


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Our Home is on FIRE! We must urgently join together in solidarity and TAKE ACTION!

At this moment, bushfires threaten the southern suburbs of Canberra and a State of Emergency has been called by the ACT Government!

The big problem is the politicians are not heeding the science, and are not acting to address the crisis.

The Peoples Climate Assembly is only 48 hours away!! It starts this Sunday. Our plans are in place to bring a huge gathering of people to the front lawns of Parliament House for at least 5 days commencing 2 February 2020 (coinciding with the first sitting week of Parliament for 2020). Many individuals and groups are joining us to demand action be taken NOW to address the climate emergency, and to make clear to the Government that the people of Australia will no longer accept complacency and denial of the truth.

We need your help to make this Peoples Climate Assembly so big the politicians can no longer ignore us.

Your funds will go towards the logistics of holding a huge event which is bringing people from around Australia to Canberra demanding action for an urgent and real response to the climate crisis. Use of funds include a substantial ‘climate action tent’; other structures and shelters for participants; sound systems and staging, (to facilitate pro-climate action MPs, leading climate scientists, students and other leading climate figures to address the Assembly); signage, banners & other visual materials; and other general logistical items such as toilets and water.

For more information see or the event page or our website

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