People V Santos 2.0: Court of Appeal

By People for the Plains

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Leewood: risky & controversial

Leewood CSG wastewater treatment facility will treat and then irrigate crops with 1.5 million litres of contaminated wastewater from Pilliga CSG exploration every day.

The community has brought a spotlight to the project's serious risks and its role in the broader plans for CSG expansion in the iconic Pilliga forest and across the farmland of the North West NSW region.

Hundreds of people participated and dozens were arrested protesting Leewood's construction.

People V Santos: Court Appeal

There was no Environmental Impact Statement for the Leewood facility and there was no formal opportunity for public input into its assessment.

We are a local Narrabri group called People for the Plains. Represented by the NSW EDO, we took Santos and the NSW Government to court over Leewood's approval, but sadly we lost.

Now we have a second chance. A high standing barrister has reviewed the judgement and believes an appeal has "reasonable prospects" of success. It's certainly worth a shot!

We raised nearly $20k for the court case, but are short $4k to run the appeal

Through harnessing our community networks we raised close to $20k to undertake the initial court case.

Again we have secured pro bono representation, this time for a highly renowned Senior Counsel, and this time the ever-generous NSW EDO are running the appeal for nothing.

But we still need $5,500 just for printing and binding the official court documents! We have $1,500 already, so we're $4k short.

This is a second chance to win against Santos. Can you help us take it?

This ask is simple: $4K to take us to our $5.5K target for the cost of the court documents. We cannot undertake this important appeal without these documents. This is a non-negotiable part of the Court of Appeal processes.

Support this case for an historic CSG precedent in NSW

Sue Higginson, CEO of the NSW EDO: "Leewood is one of a number of incremental CSG developments in the area that pose a real and increasing threat to one of Australia’s important natural ecosystems.”

“It is really important that the proper legal procedures are followed for this development as it will set a precedent for exploration-related projects in the future.”

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