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Asylum seekers and refugees are people just like us. They should not be punished for fleeing danger and seeking our help. Seeking asylum is not a crime.

Tell people you welcome asylum seekers

Putting up a permanent display of the "welcome" message reminds people there are still men, women, and children seeking asylum who are indefinitely detained by the Australian government in onshore and offshore detention centres. Our banner ensures that although out of sight, they are not out of mind.

To show we still welcome refugees, we have designed a banner that people all over Australia can hang on their homes, shops, and offices. We want to get as many made as possible, and distribute them to people who are willing to display them publicly.

This is where you come in …

You can help us by funding the campaign, and/or by hanging a banner from your home, shop, or office.

Banner specifications:

  • 200 cm (width) X 80 cm (height)
  • Capped pole pockets for carrying on poles
  • Eyelets (top and bottom) for hanging

If you want a banner to hang …

Choose one of the perks on the right. The higher the donation, the higher the priority you get when we distribute the banners. For donations of $60 or $110, you are guaranteed to receive your banner(s), and we will deliver them to you as soon as we have them (we have 100 in stock).

Don't want a banner but can help someone else get one?

Please donate money to the project so we can get as many banners out there as possible. Select an amount and click Donate Now.

People who inspired us …

Gwyneth Crawford

One night Gwyneth, an 87 year old great grandmother, was wondering how to take action to change the inhuman, unjust policy towards people who seek asylum and decided a banner outside her house, which is on a very busy street in Mosman (Sydney), would be seen by thousands of motorists.

Next morning she ordered the banner which arrived on 16 December. She asked her daughter to come and when she arrived she told her what she was going to do and together they put up the banner. On Christmas Day the rest of the family helped straighten it.

Gwyneth was born in London and as a child in World War II was evacuated for 2 years where she had firsthand experience of being an outsider. She also met refugee children from Germany. These experiences taught her that what Australia has done and is doing to refugees is shameful and we should show more compassion.

Father Rod Bower

Father Rod of Gosford Anglican Church has for many months been putting up pithy, progressive, and refugee-supporting messages on his church sign, and sharing the photos on social media.

All human beings are just like us. My humanity is dependent upon the humanity of others; I cannot fulfill my humanity until others are being treated humanely.
—Father Rod Bower

Julian Burnside AO QC

Julian Burnside is a well known human rights advocate, particularly for asylum seeker and refugees. He has strongly criticised Australia's treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.

I whole-heartedly support the idea of banners which give a message of welcome to refugees. Australia's reputation as a decent and generous nation has been seriously damaged in recent years. These banners will help show that many of us still value generosity and hospitality.
—Julian Burnside AO QC

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