COVID19 Appeal - Protect Marine Life & Support Local Communities

By People and the Sea

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Why do we need your help now?

The COVID-19 global pandemic has hit hard and upended much of our lives, stopping most economic activity, restricting our mobility, and limiting our social interactions.

But... we CAN'T STOP fighting our other fights:

  • Marine Life Conservation CAN'T STOP
  • Socio-economic Support to coastal communities CAN'T STOP

Unfortunately, we at People and The Sea are facing a major challenge:
We are
deprived of our principal funding activity due to the prevailing quarantine conditions, as well as international travel restrictions.

This is why we need your help now:

  • To fund our marine conservation & community support programs in 2020
  • To create a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Program for Lower-Income Families.

In these challenging circumstances, our community needs us now more than ever. And we need you.


What is People and the Sea about?

We are about empowering People… protect the Sea.

People and The Sea is dedicated to protecting an unique marine environment and fostering coastal communities’ socio-economic development in the Philippines.

1. What’s unique about the Philippines Marine Environment?

The Philippines is part of the Coral Triangle - the epi-center for marine biodiversity – and is sometimes called the ‘Amazon of the Seas’. The seas and coasts of the Philippines are home to more species of reef fish and corals than any other marine environment on earth.

2. Why do coastal communities need our support?

Coastal communities face a critical challenge:
They are caught between pressing socio-economic issues (poverty, lack of education and infrastructures) and pressing environmental threats (pollution, climate change, marine biodiversity decline and consequent lack of marine resources)

3. How does People and the Sea help?

Since 2015 we’ve been working alongside the local community of Malapascua Island in the Philippines, towards a healthy and sustainable future for the seas.

Our work impacts 5,000 people each year!

How will your donation be used?

Given these circumstances, we need fundings to support daily operations until the end of 2020:

  • Continue running our Marine Conservation & Community Support Programmes
  • Implement an Emergency Relief for Malapascua’s most vulnerable families
  • Local staff salaries – we have to maintain our dedicated, professional, and passionate team to make all the good work happen. They are easily PepSea’s most valuable resource and we simply can’t continue without them.

30.000 Euros to support 244 days of Marine Conservation and Local Community Support

Each donation funds one hour, one day or one week of activities lead by People and the Sea.

Each day works. Each donation makes a difference!

Who will benefit from your help?

That’s an easy one: the local community of Malapascua and the island marine life!

Our core programs will continue to benefit:

  • The local community of Malapascua
  • Fisherfolk families
  • The Children of Malapascua
  • Families running Eco-entrepreneurship  Homestays
  • Lower-Income families in need of assistance amid COVID-19
  • Marine environment (adopting a holistic integrated approach means that all our programs contribute to a more sustainable marine life management)

Do you want to know more about People and the Sea?

People and the Sea is a community-driven Marine Conservation NGO, operating in the island of Malapascua in the Philippines.

Our solution: a holistic, community-driven and integrative approach to achieve impactful community development and sustainable marine resources management:

  • Holistic - Our programs are underpinned by 3 core principles of sustainable marine resource management: environmental protection, social equity, and economic viability.
  • Community-Driven - Promote locally-led, locally managed marine conservation. We work with coastal communities to enable them to plan, implement, and most importantly benefit from sustainable management of natural resources. We seek to reinforce the bond within communities and amongst stakeholders (local authorities, local businesses, and other NGOs).
  • Science-Based - Maintain rigorous scientific monitoring and evaluation processes to measure and demonstrate our impact.

Long Term Commitment for Long Term Impact

We believe that efforts in supporting coastal communities should be made with a long-term commitment to achieve impactful and meaningful change.

We have secured independent, long term funding by developing an eco-volunteering program. Listening from the feedback we get from volunteers, we are confident that we created volunteer expeditions that are providing a fulfilling, rewarding, and memorable exchange while providing finances, manpower, and skills to People and the Sea to help us towards our objectives.

Given that there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the duration of the quarantine restrictions and their broader impacts, our eco-volunteer program will take time to re-establish. We aim to resume expeditions by the end of this year and to become fully operational again in early 2021, but in the meantime, we need your support!

Interested in a deeper look into our programs, projects, and achievements, check here:

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