Peace Love Hope (for Rhinos)

By Jill Martin

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Hope is hope...

Peace Love Hope for rhinos is my month-long birthday campaign to help rhinos. I would like my campaign to 100% benefit an amazing rhino group called Saving The Survivors. Drs. Steenkamp & Marais have been busy saving the lives of brutally attacked rhinos. I want to help them buy surgical equipment and supplies for their rhino patients like Hope. Did you know... One of the very first Saving The Survivors patients, Thandi, was released back to the wild and recently gave birth to a calf? Did you know... A beautiful rhino named Hope, continues to fight for her life and has a RHINO-SIZED will to live? It makes me wonder if someday she might also get the chance, thanks to Saving The Survivors, to give birth to a rhino baby. I hope so because I believe Hope is a ray of hope in a world where rhinos are critically endangered...

This is Hope... Photo by Adrian Steirn

I want to raise $100 for every year of my life!

My goal is to raise $900 and even if I don't, I know every little bit will make a difference. I think I can meet my goal because last year I raised $640 through my Girl Power for Tiger Power Campaign. This year, I created a special rhino drawing for my campaign. In return for your contribution, I will send you a signed copy of my rhino art. Instead of a birthday gift, please donate to Peace Love Hope. With your help, we can create more hope for Hope and other rhino survivors like her.

Peace Love Hope & A BIG RHINO-SIZED Thanks!

THANK YOU for empowering me to be a part of the generation who saves a species. If you decide to donate, please donate through the Donate Now button on this page... Your donation through my campaign page goes directly to Saving The Survivors through their PayPal account (note: your transaction will reference the Saving The Survivor administrator's PayPal email address This page will help Team Peace Love Hope keep track of my goal and collect contact mailing addresses for my art. THANKS AGAIN!

Josie Martin

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