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Why PaoliFest?

PaoliFest is a joyful celebration of community, a bold statement about the power of the arts as the heart of society, and a declaration of our values through music performances, films curated by local youth, art displays and - of course - food. The festival is a gathering place, a showcase for local talent and an opportunity to see local and internationally touring acts, all for free.

Youth performances and participation are central to PaoliFest. In addition to youth-curated film projects, art displays and musical performances, the festival offers workshops in various instruments, gardening, puppetry, and more.

PaoliFest is built to connect and uplift, to celebrate and rejuvenate, to heal and to inspire.

Everyone Should Be Able to Attend

Music and Art are two of the most powerful forces for good in the universe: They have the ability to heal, to uplift, to unify and to celebrate.

Our community is home to families of every income level, and we feel strongly that the festival must be free and open to all who wish to attend.

You can join us

We are able to produce this festival becuase of the generosity of our community members, sponsors and grantors. Demonstrate the power of music and art in shaping the future by donating to PaoliFest.

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Team Members

Jordana Greenberg

Andrew Gerber

Kara Schmidt

Sarah Lasley

Tim Schmidt