Painting Ulladulla One wall at a time

By Escape Artfest

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Paint The Wall

Do you cringe everytime you see the Wall on the entrance to Rowan's Arcade? We do - and now we have the chance to transform it into a beautiful wall

But there’s a problem

We need your help to Paint The Wall - but its a big wall and requires a huge amount of paint.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We've banded together with the good folks of The Treehouse Cafe and Rowans Arcade, the retail store owners.

We have a great street artist on board - Mandy Schone Salter - you can check out her work here -

We've got our paint brushes, stencils, spray cans and even a scissor lift.

We've put aside 7 days to paint the wall - and we're all set to go!

The Painting of the Wall is due to start on 13th November - delayed due to rain!!!

You can join us

We need your help - its a truckload ( literally) of paint - and scissor lifts are sort of expensive!

From as little as $5 your support will be greatly appreciated and will go towards raising the $4000 we need to pull this off

So how about it?

Let's all chip in and get this wall painted. Help us to lift the look of our local, beautiful area.

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