P2 Masks for Canberra

By Bella

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Canberra is out of stock of P2 masks and some ANU students are bringing around 600+ masks from interstate to Canberra tomorrow and coordinating dropping them off to health clinics, aged care, and over 200 people who have requested them from Facebook groups.

We've paid for them out of pocket - we don't want to charge people who are just desperately waiting for masks, but also can't afford to donate the whole lot ourselves.

If you are someone who we've coordinated to drop masks off to tomorrow, and can afford it, please just chip in the cost price of the masks. If you're someone in the Canberra community who can afford to pay it forward, please do.

We won't raise more than the price of the masks - all we need to do is recoup some of the cost. Any accidental extras will be donated to the Rural Fire Service.


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