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We've hit our first £600 target in the first 2 days! Thank you! So we've stretched the campaign - the extra money will be used for all administrative costs in the running of the clinic, and also to create our website

Moria - Greece's largest refugee camp

It might have fallen out of the headlines, but thousands of people are still making the dangerous crossing to Europe, seeking safety, fleeing war.

Many come through Turkey, paying smugglers for passage in over-crowded boats across the Aegean Sea, and arrive on the Greek island of Lesvos. Here they become trapped, often for years, caught in the red-tape of the EU-Turkey deal and its deterrence and containment approach.

Moria camp on Lesvos is one of the largest refugee camps in Europe. It currently holding twice as many people as it was built for. Local aid workers have called it “the worst refugee camp on earth.”

A Desperate Lack of Healthcare

Services are pushed to breaking point. There is scant access to hot water, hygiene is poor, violence is endemic and disease is rife. Many migrants are desperately in need of healthcare, but despite the work of NGOs, there is simply not enough help to go round.

Chronic muscular and joint pain is very common due to the damp, overcrowded and inhumane living conditions. Many migrants have also incurred injuries either from war in their home countries or from the long and dangerous journey to Europe.

"Reception facilities on the islands remain substandard and may reach the threshold of inhuman and degrading treatment, as it has been widely documented. Overcrowding, lack of basic services, including medical care, limited sanitary facilities, and violence and lack of security poses significant protection risks" - Asylum Information Database

Osteopathy for Migrants

aims to provide alternative healthcare for the women living in Moria. Osteopathy requries nothing more than a plinth and the practioner's skill. It can be practiced anywhere, and is the sort of treatment that can transform lives when medicines and hospitals are in short supply. Despite this, as far as we know this is the first time that osteopathy has been used to assist migrants who are making the journey to Europe, and the potential is far-reaching.

Osteopathy a non-invasive, manual form of medicine that improves health in the muscles & joints, as well as in the nervous and circulatory systems of the body. Rather than concentrating only on the problem area, it aims to balance all the body's systems, promoting overall health & wellbeing.

You can read more about osteopathy, and what it can treat, here and here.

Becky's Bathhouse

We are proud to be working in the same building as Becky’s Bathhouse, who provide a safe space and sanitation facilities for women & their children. Located just outside of the main camp, they offer hot showers, toiletries, new underwear, a cup of tea and a children's play area in a peaceful setting, all run by female volunteers. Our clients at Osteopathy for Migrants will be able to make use of these facilities.

We need your help

We're almost ready to open our doors!

We have had 3 plinths donated to us by Lisa-Maria Devlin, and now we need are a few more items before we can start treating people. All money raised will go directly to paying for:

  • dividing curtain walls for the treatment rooms
  • cables and attachments for the dividing walls
  • plinth covers, pillows and pillows cases
  • rugs for the floor
  • lamps for the treatment rooms
  • improving access to the treatment rooms
  • fixing broken windows

All additional funds are massively appreciated, and will go towards the future running of the clinic.

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