Orchestra 2100 presents Encore! Kids

By Orchestra 2100, inc.

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A little bit of context

Maestro Wolff is a world renowned pianist and conductor whose mission is to attract people of all ages, especially young children to the world of classical music. Wolff breaks down barriers between audiences and musicians through his highly interactive and entertaining style, making the classical music experience exciting and fun for everyone.

But there’s a problem

Funding for the arts in public schools has declined continuously for decades. Limited funding has dramatically reduced participation by children in music programs despite studies that have consistently proven the arts in general, and music specifically, enrich and enhance the educational experience for children of all ages. Fewer and fewer young adults attend classical music concerts, having had little or no exposure to classical music as children.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

To help reverse this trend, Maestro Wolff launched The Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra with a singular goal: to create a symphony orchestra that would not simply embrace audiences of all ages, but reach out to those audiences for support to bring music to children.

Wolff created Encore! Kids, a music curriculum for K through 2 children, in 2014. Encore! Kids has been a huge success, having served over 7,000 children in Moore County, North Carolina at no cost to students or their schools.

In 2016 Maestro Wolff decided to take Encore! Kids nationwide by founding Orchestra 2100, beginning with the state of Virginia. Our goal is to offer Encore! Kids to children in all 50 states within ten years.

You can join us

It costs just $50 dollars to provide a child in K through 2 with a full year of music education culminating in a concert with Orchestra 2100 at the end of the school year, in partnership with local schools.

We hope you can give something towards Encore! Kids, even if it just $50.

Learn more about Orchestra 2100: www.orchestra2100.com

Learn more about Encore! Kids: www.carolinaphil.org/encore-kids

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