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Housing matters more than ever

New York was already facing a severe housing shortage at the beginning of 2020. Since COVID hit, we’ve seen how living in overcrowded apartments puts New Yorkers’ health at risk, and how many of our neighbors are struggling to afford their homes.  It’s a stark reminder of the importance of our mission, advocating for more homes for an open and welcoming New York for all.

The City's approach isn't working

De Blasio's administration has only focused on adding homes in less wealthy, Black and brown neighborhoods, triggering fears of displacement. Meanwhile wealthy, white, high-opportunity neighborhoods have not been asked to build their fair share of homes, and use the land use process as a tool of exclusion. We can change that. 

What Open New York is doing

In our two years of all-volunteer advocacy, we've successfully advocated for multiple projects that will result in hundreds of affordable homes. Building on that momentum, we put out our most ambitious plan yet: a inclusionary upzoning of SoHo and NoHo, taking advantage of an existing city push to legalize retail. We have successfully changed the conversation – any rezoning that passes will have to include a housing component, likely resulting in hundreds more affordable homes. We plan to continue our advocacy, and ultimately win the first major rezoning of a wealthy, white neighborhood.


And that's not all we're doing. Just this summer we’ve:

  • Rallied speakers in favor of Project Renewal’s proposed women’s shelter in Greenwich Village
  • Launched a letter-writing campaign to urge the City to rezone Gowanus for more affordable housing
  • Continued sending speakers to support more affordable housing in the LIC rezoning.

The fight for more housing will continue, and we intend to keep the pressure on our elected officials to end the housing shortage and integrate our city. With our new Executive Director, we’ll be able to up the pressure, and expand our profile in the city-wide conversation.

Be a housing hero

Thanks to our members, in the last few months, we have been able to expand our pro-housing outreach. We’ve gotten some great press. But we have to keep this momentum going. We need to take the leap as an all-volunteer organization to hire an executive director to maximize our impact on the housing conversation in New York.

You can help us do that. Thanks to some generous sponsors, this month your donations are matched one-to-one up to 100k. These funds will be used to hire an executive director who will be dedicated to ending the New York housing shortage and helping us grow this movement.

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