George's ongoing #OpenJustice work

By George Julian

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Before we go any further

I [@GeorgeJulian] would like to start by saying thank you for offering your financial support for my Open Justice work. It means the world to me and will ensure that I can continue campaigning and exposing what happens in coroners’ courts and tribunals.

What will the money be spent on?

Any money raised will pay me for my time doing open justice campaigning. The everyday things this includes is providing support and advice to bereaved families and blogging and sharing information publicly, both to encourage and support others to do similar work, but also to produce accessible and useful summaries of what has happened in court.

Depending on the amount raised it would also enable me to speak at events about the work I’ve been doing and attend more inquests, tribunals and pre-inquest review meetings to live tweet proceedings. I may also spend small amounts of money on craft supplies for awareness raising prompts.

You can check out @LBInquest @HandleyInquest @JusticeforLBGMC @JusticeforLBHSE and @TozerInquest for examples of work to date.

How will you find court cases to report?

To date I have been approached by a number of families who are looking for support. Given the power of social media to spread the word I don’t envisage that stopping any time soon.

One of the hardest things is not being able to help everyone, and that is unlikely to change even with funding. However hopefully I can develop resources to help families and their supporters to use similar techniques.

Is this just a learning disability thing?

Learning disabled people die on average twenty years before their non-disabled peers. Their deaths receive very little scrutiny and I am keen to keep a focus on learning disabled people.

That said I am interested in exploring whether the methods we’ve used to highlight the poor care received by learning disabled people, with fatal consequences, can be expanded to other situations.

How do I help?

If you would like to help financially you can make a one off payment to support this work here. If you would prefer to make a monthly payment please send me an email for the bank details. 

Please also spread the word about the crowdfunder and the work that is happening. We should be outraged that learning disabled people die so prematurely. We need to work together to improve things as a society.

If you wish to tell your friends, family, the internet that you are supporting me then please feel free to do so. The more people who know about this work the better. However, please rest assured I will not be sharing or publicising who is donating. If you wish for your donation to be anonymous please ensure you tick the right box when you pay.

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