A Free Day of Fun For 10,000 Australian Kids and Carers

By Odonata

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What is One Day Fun Day?

One Day Fun Day™ is a unique, positive impact event by Odonata and FunSearch.com.au, scheduled for September 14th 2019, that hopes to put smiles on the faces of 10,000 kids and carers all over the country who may be sick, have complex needs or be experiencing hardship or disadvantage.

We aim to help them off devices and outside into nature, actively enjoying a wonderful community day.

On January 5th 2019, in a mini One Day Fun Day™ pilot, FunSearch helped send 103 Brisbane-based kids and carers (relocated from Nauru) to a free day of nature-based fun at Australia Zoo.

The origins of One Day Fun Day™

When FunSearch CEO Chris Gillard was around the age of eight, he found a young runaway the same age, called Lawrence, hidden in his home in Brisbane. As kids will do Chris and Lawrence immediately made friends. Like millions of other kids around the country that day, Lawrence then spent the day happily playing with Chris and his sister at their home, skateboarding, trampolining, riding BMX bikes, running around and just being kids, being active outside. But unlike many others, as night fell Lawrence had no other option but to be taken back to his home, a secure facility for orphaned children and wards of the state.

The day etched itself in Chris’s memory and inspired this event.

Odonata Operations Director Sam Marwood and FunSearch CEO, Chris Gillard have known each other for years and often discussed ways they might activate positive changes. In 2018 the timing was perfect to formalise ties to develop and launch this initiative in 2019.

One Day Fun Day™ is about helping to find fun for kids and young people just like Lawrence, and many more across Australia.

Now we really need your help to raise 10,000 smiles :)

The concept of One Day Fun Day™ was built on the insight that some kids AND their carers often miss out many fun activities and experiences due to economic and other barriers.

Challenges faced by kids and young people can hold them back in later life. While One Day Fun Day™ is a single day of fun and play, an event like this can have profound positive effects on individuals before, during and after.

Many kids take fun days like this for granted, but some never see anything like it. When they do, the effects are dramatic.

The impact we can make together

One Day Fun Day™ helps bring together people, organisations, Councils and businesses for a very special community-focused goal. We hope to help build true community spirit in locations all over Australia, creating lasting positive effects that will be felt long after September 14th.

Environmental Objectives

We believe there is nothing more special and valuable than our natural environment. One Day Fun Day™ will use fun to educate about nature, helping to create wonder and love of the environment and a desire to protect it.

Social Objectives

Tackling childhood obesity is a job for us all. For our part, we're encouraging kids off devices, outside, active and into nature.

When you're having fun, life's worries melt away. We hope for One Day Fun Day™ to be a transformative emotional event for kids and their carers.

Often parents and carers of kids with special needs just need a break. For those who need some of their own time, this event can help provide much needed respite.

Help us reach our goal!

Our coast-to-coast fun festival is a huge exercise and your kind donation is vitally important to its success! Funds will go to towards everything that makes this very special day possible, including people, planning, technology, production and communications. Your $10 donation will help put a smile on a face.

A little incentive for you:)

We know everyone likes a perk. So that's why each donation level includes entry into our $1000 Funtimes Travel Pack Competition! How cool is that? Make a donation for one chance or more to win!

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