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An Old Tree growing in a damaged world

Our food system is broken. The food and drinks many of us consume are mass-produced and shipped around the world in ways that are destroying our planet. We are brewing to change this.

We've been inspired and motivated by food-forestry, community gardening and regenerative agriculture as lasting solutions to our ecological crisis.

Old Tree brewery started with the discovery of life-enriching fermented drinks that can be made with the ingredients of trees.

Our mission has been to create live botanical drinks to fund these solutions. Fermentation and forest gardening have taught us that the health of human, animal, plant and soil life are one and can't be separated. So we make Botanical Drinks from Edible Landscapes and Living Drinks for Living Soil.

The challenge of ecological growth

Over the past five years we’ve experimented endlessly, from setting up naturally fermented drinks bars at events, to running a forest garden cafe and building a micro-brewery in central Brighton. Through it all, we have found that running a very small business focused on giving back to the Earth as a primary goal is financially very difficult.

Producing high-quality, natural drinks as ethically as possible has not been the fundraising activity we believed it would be at the start!

We have constantly had to sacrifice paying appropriate wages for our time in order to choose the greenest methods in our production. It shouldn’t be this way.

Large corporations inflate their profits by ignoring the negative impacts they have on the Earth and our communities.

We want to heal the earth with our work and we’ve realised we need some help from you to give the business side of our project a little boost, which will allow us to grow organically and continue to to spread food forestry and fermentation for health and earth repair.

Our solution to the pollution!

We are growing Old Tree Brewery to become a truly sustainable (environmentally, socially, and financially) micro-brewery and fermentation hub from which we can fund the amazing projects we run and support. We continue to brew the tastiest botanical brews, using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients supplied by the community gardens and farms we work with.

We have installed a hugely popular bottle refill station in HISBE, Brighton's ethical supermarket, massively reducing bottling waste.

We compost all of our organic waste, returning the nutrients to the soils of the community gardens and local farms which grow our botanicals.

Your help would be so appreciated!

We want to raise at least £30,000 to grow the roots we need to make sure Old Tree Brewery can continue to function in the right way – with living wage jobs, ethically sourced ingredients, and positive environmental impact. We will be empowered to work more closely with the land, with our growers and with the seasons, creating the closed loop system that we want to better establish and spread.

With this funding we will build a network of refill stations around Brighton, working with a variety of interested independent shops and cafes to supply live, low-alcohol drinks to the entire city without the waste.

We will hugely reduce the use of single-use plastics in our production by switching to recyclable metal caps on all our drinks. To do this, we will purchase a dedicated capping machine and a good supply of high-quality metal caps.

We will use our brand new fermentation hub to showcase the products of our amazing network of micro-producers. We will be running fermentation workshops and special events as well as setting up a convenient click and collect point for our local customers.

We want to expand the use of our innovative bio-char trailer which pulls carbon out of the air and puts it back in the earth where it can grow healthier, more nutritious plants. We want to produce more terra preta - a nutrient-dense, carbon-negative soil additive for growing better, healthier foods in farms and gardens.

If you’d like to support us in making our brewing and gardening dream come true, please donate or choose one of our amazing thank you rewards now! Everything we receive will be invested in making Old Tree more resilient and better able to invest in the earth repair and community land regeneration that can make this work.


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