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By Fauna and Flora Research Collective Inc

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Following a late application made by the Secretary to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, the first defendant, the further trial in our old growth forest case has been adjourned to 5 November 2020.

Thanks for all your support!

FUNDRAISING UPDATE, WOW: Thank you so much for your support! We have met our target to cover our current costs and we are so grateful! We will keep this fundraiser active so we can be prepared for any further costs that arise as the trial proceeds. Also, any additional funds will be used to fund ongoing work of the Fauna and Flora Research Collective like our surveying and reporting on threatened species throughout Victoria’s magnificent forest ecosystems. Once again, thank you for your much needed help defending precious forests and wildlife!

CASE UPDATE: We're back in court on 5 November 2020!

In November 2017, as logging machines were rolling in to the ancient old growth forests of Kuark in East Gippsland, we secured an urgent interlocutory injunction in the Victorian Supreme Court to halt the logging and launched our case against Victoria’s state government logging agency VicForests and the Secretary to the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning (DELWP) to save some of East Gippsland’s remaining wet and damp old growth forests.

The Victorian Government promised 20 years ago to protect a minimum of at least 60% of wet and damp old growth forests from logging.

With your support, while our case was running 34 forest areas remained protected from logging and as the case drew on, 21 of those areas were put into protection zones or removed from logging plans. However, the remaining 13 areas, along with many other areas of old growth forests in East Gippsland, were left out of protection and still needed our help.

So we are back in court to fight for those forests to be protected.

Throughout 2018 we prepared and ran our Supreme Court case with the trial finishing in early 2019. Then, in November 2019, while awaiting judgement in the case, the Victorian government made a forest policy announcement that signalled an end to old growth forest logging in Victoria.

However, despite the positive headline, the devil in the detail showed that the government’s plans do not place the remaining old growth forests in protection zones as the rules require.

Instead, the Department released a field guide to be used by the logging agency VicForests which will not ensure our old growth forests are protected.

We are now again working around the clock with our legal team at Environmental Justice Australia to prepare the case and defend these ancient forests.

With your support, we’re leaving no stone unturned to protect old growth forests and keep East Gippsland’s ancient forests standing.

We only met our fundraising goal to run the initial trial because of the generous support of so many people like you who know how important it is to give our old growth forests the best chance of survival, even to defend them in court if that is what it takes.

For the 2018-2019 trial the community’s support enabled us to engage the amazing legal services of Environmental Justice Australia, some of the best barristers in the country, and expert environmental consultants, to give old growth forests the best chance for protection.

Now we need your support to continue the fight for protection of East Gippsland’s old growth forests, which are still under threat from logging.

Our legal team are working hard to prepare for the new trial and we need your help. Please join with us to continue this fight to finally see old growth forests protected. Your support will help cover our legal defence as we go up against the Victorian Government and VicForests on behalf of Victoria’s ancient and threatened old growth forests.

Please donate today to help defend the majestic forests of East Gippsland.

Check out our website for more details about the case:


You can also support the case by making a tax-deductible donation directly to our legal team at Environmental Justice Australia:


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