Ocean Energy for New England

By Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative of New England

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A little bit of context

We are here to raise awareness and funds to support the emergence of totally new, clean and renewable forms of energy from ocean wind, wave, and tidal energy right here in New England.

But there’s a problem

Other sources of energy in New England such as coal and nuclear power are ramping down if not shuttered. Hydropower from Canada , fossil fuels from all over the globe and natural and fracked gas are trying to fill the void. Meanwhile there are clean energy mandates in most NE states which are driving demand for new forms of renewable energy. Soon wind turbines will be spinning off the coast which will bring a totally new set of opportunities and challenges. As offshore wind has tremendous potential but like most renewables is intermittent and hard to forecast. Other offshore energy souces like tidal and wave can provide power and jobs, but they need more attention and that means education.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

MRECo has been connecting all interested folks from government agencies, academia, and the public about obtaining energy from the power of offshore wind, waves and tides. We are seeking funds now to educate, train, and inspire young people to include ocean energy in thier clean energy projects at school, in universities and at home. Your funding at whatever level will help us provide classroom materials to conduct marine energy projects in schools, support a science project using sensors, data collection and transmision, or internships. 

Our collective work to decrease carbon emissions to slow down climate change will positively impact generations to come. Utilizing ocean resources wisely and for public good is a noble goal one that is fraught with controversy. MRECo and others in the clean ocean energy space work every day to reach out to all who work, play and enjoy the oceans to ensure all voices are heard and new solutions are reached. 

You can join 

Your funds will go directly to fund student projects on ocean energy, interns who will work with our team to design new systems and technologies, and other educational activities.  If it's $10 or $2500 your contribution is fully tax deductable and will impact the future of clean energy in this nation and around the globe.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

While our fund raising campaign does not come with give-aways that you can display on your desk, we will provide you with frequent updates via our monthly email blasts. These will include progress and news about the student projects, the interns' assignments and any cool data that may be streaming off the tidal test site.  Most importantly, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to developing ocean energy in a sustainable manner.

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