International Occupation 2020

By Extinction Rebellion Youth

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The education system in the global north is complicit in the long history of colonialism and indoctrination of generation after generation into a system which is driving us towards climate and ecological breakdown

2020 is a pivotal year for the world to take action and now is the time for us to take action

We will learn from centuries of resistance and as we rewrite the education system we will learn from hidden knowledges and be part of creating the education we need in a time of crisis

For a week we will join together as students, young people, educators, community academics and guerilla intellectuals to put pressure on educational institutions and deliver our demands:

Decarbonise and divest from harmful activities
Democratise schools and universities
Decolonise the system and curriculum

We will be organising protests and people power to create change and organise, film screenings, talks, workshops and trainings to show how the world and an education system fit for purpose could look like

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Nils Agger