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Every penny YOU donate will be doubled for US!

NYR IndyApp:

Designed for the grass-roots, by the grass-roots!

We are a non party-political communications platform for the whole Yes movement. Where ideas, equipment, campaign strategies and social events can be easily co-ordinated and shared across the entire Indygroup network. IndyApp provides a simple way to locate and contact local groups direct. It encourages people to join the Independence movement by getting involved locally, helping new groups to form and dormant groups to reform.

Here is a full explanation of the NYR IndyApp concept and its practical functions

What we urgently need now is to fully complete the platform:

IndyApp2.0 will allow entire group memberships (not just leaders) to come together in their Local and National IndyApp forums These new inter-group communication tools will finally allow the grass-roots to organise themselves locally, regionally and nationally. Only this 'self organisation' of memberships from the ground up, can avoid a repeat of the serious leadership failures experienced by the movement from an over stretched and centralised Yes HQ.

Here is a full delivery specification for IndyApp2.0

Our Match Fund Pledge

Due to Brexit constraints on Scotland's indyref timetable, we are now under real pressure to get the platform fully built and rolled out to all 125 membership groups across the country, as soon as possible.

We have gathered private support from committed pro Indy business people to match fund every pound you donate toward our £12k target !

Every penny donated by YOU will now be doubled !

By helping us hit our 12K target you will release the full 24K needed to complete the network and run it for a year while it becomes self-funding. The entire 2.0 platform will be finished within a strict 4 month period once funds are secured. We can then hold a National IndyApp Convention of the Groups, kick start local group campaigning nationally and launch our publicity drive to encourage mass download of the finished app throughout the Yes movement.

Here's a full break down of our IndyApp2.0 completion and running costs

A tool to build the movement

There are plenty of 'lets get organised' conferences being called at the moment (NYR are speakers at them), but the actual problem is that leadership and campaign ideas are not events. Its what is happening within the movement, after and between these conference events, that is our real concern. After 3 years, the grassroots still have no real way of discussing and developing the many great ideas already fomenting out there in local and regional groups across Scotland. These ideas need to be heard, developed, added to, tested and acted upon collectively by the groups themselves. On the ground and in their own communities. Watch our short film for a wee introduction to us and the IndyApp.

The NYR IndyApp is the only (non-social media) grass-root networking platform out there, developed specifically for and by the groups to facilitate exactly that.

IndyApp has grown from local group needs

Created from group needs, funded only by crowdfunds and the vanguard groups themselves, we have continually sought local feedback throughout the IndyApp's development, culminating in our latest 39 event 'National tour of the groups' held over the summer. The result of all this grass-root discussion, negotiation and hard work since the NO vote is the NYR IndyApp 2.0 networking platform and it is this that we need your help to complete.

Managing Expectations

Having developed things this far (under very limited resources), we now have so many groups' and committed activists' expectations weighing on us to succeed for them that we simply must find the funds to complete the platform for everyone as quickly as possible. Please help raise the funds needed to complete this task and connect grass-root Scotland.

For more information, on the capabilities of the platform, our strategy or to simply find out more about us and the NYR IndyApp's ambitions, please just follow the link. You can also contact us by email with any questions you might have: info@nationalyesregistry.scot

Every pound you give gets doubled for us !

Please help us connect grass-root Scotland.

Watch our User Demo

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