Opening Night is booked out! But we still need your help!

By No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability Inc

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World Premiere only 2 days away!

The inaugural True Colours Festival, the Asia Pacific Celebration of Artistes with Disabilities, opens in Singapore tomorrow. The Festival celebrates the talents of the most exceptional artistes with disabilities from Singapore and other Asia Pacific countries.

No Strings Attached actors will be part of:

  • International Collaboration with Very Special Theatrics, a disability theatre company in Singapore, with performances at the True Colours Festival
  • International Arts & Disability Conference - to present sessions as Thought Leaders in working collaboratively to create theatre with and by people who live with disability, and to contribute to the growing eco-system of disability arts across the Asia Pacific Region
  • True Colours Festival - to perform the World Premiere of our brand new work, "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March 2018.

Hold the house lights...

These amazing invitations are a rare opportunity to take our incredible actors to a truly international stage, and to shine the spotlight on the amazing, world-class, best-practice methodology that delivers outstanding, multi-award-winning theatre performances!

We are very grateful for the funding support that we have received from Arts South Australia and other funders, to cover our day-to-day costs and development of our regular theatre skills workshop programs.

However, taking a team to Singapore is an expensive exercise, and well beyond our current budget capacity.

The rewards will truly be out of this world, but need your help to get there...

... we still need your help!

The invitation to take "our show on the road" to the True Colours Festival in Singapore this week will:

  • strengthen artistic ties in Singapore and the Region
  • provide international exposure for our incredible actors
  • introduce our unique methodology of collaborative disability arts to a broader audience
  • build new partnerships
  • develop new career pathways and employment opportunities for artists who live with disability
  • open the door for Australian theatre makers who live with disability, to take their talents to the world!

It will cost $90,000 to realise all of the incredible opportunities in Singapore - including travel, accommodation, set building, costuming, production and (of course) paying professional artist fees to all of our artists for their work.

Good News: we have already raised close to $50,000 and we are now in Singapore!

Can you help us raise the curtain?

We need to raise a further $40,000 to ensure we can cover the cost of presenting the World Premiere of our brand new work "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" at the True Colours Festival!

Will you help us with a tax-deductible* donation today?

A cast photo is on its way to you!

We'll email every donor a cast photo of the "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" team to say Thanks for your support.

We'll also follow up with a report of our week in Singapore, and you can also sign up to receive our newsletter which will feature photos of our team in action throughout the Singapore odyssey, including the International Collaboration with Very Special Arts, the International Arts & Disablity Conference sessions and the True Colours Festival - and especially our World Premiere of "I Forgot to Remember to Forget"!

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