No Gatton Women's Prison - Women don't belong in cages!

By No Gatton Women's Prison

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Women don't belong in cages

On 3 July 2018, the Queensland Government announced its plan to open a new private women's prison, by converting Southern Queensland Correctional Centre (SQCC) at Gatton from a men's prison into a women's prison opening another 300+ beds for already marginalised women.

There's a problem, but its not a lack of prisons

Women are the fastest growing prison population in this country; between 2007 and 2017 the total number of women in Australian prisons increased by 77%. In Queensland, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women constitute 36% of the female prison population. Over 70% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in prison have been in prison before. The over-policing and over-surveillance of First Nations Peoples in Australia needs to stop.

It is estimated 40% of women in Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre are on remand, meaning they are yet to be sentenced. The problem isnt a lack of prisons, the problem is this Government using prison as the default for addressing major gaps in Mental Health services and the homelessness crisis.

Because of the profits that prisons turn over for Governments and private companies like Serco, they aren't willing to fund programs that reduce prison numbers, so we need to do it together.

Queensland does not need a new women's prison

Prison expansion and prison privatisation do not make our communities safer, they destroy families, perpetuate a cycle of disadvantage for housing, employment, education and do nothing to rehabilitate women, only traumatising them and their families further.

A large proportion of women are in prison because of poverty and homelessness.

Many of us hold grave fears for the welfare of the women given Serco’s record of human rights abuses in detention centres offshore and locally, paired with the recent Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission that demonstrated that criminalised women are already voiceless in this system.

Please help us protect them by getting women back at home with their families.

Women and their families need support not prison

You can support women by supporting this Chuffed campaign. The money will go directly to Sisters Inside particularly funding gaps in housing so women can obtain an eligible bail or parole address. Money will be spent on meeting the direct needs of women and their children to get them out of prison, and keep them out.

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