No Cable Car on kunanyi/Mt Wellington

By Residents Opposing a Cable Car

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The Mountain

Tasmanians care about kunanyi/Mt Wellington!

kunanyi/Mt Wellington is the backdrop to Hobart and much of southeastern Tasmania. It sets us apart - no other Australian city stands within the shadow of such a beautiful and compelling natural feature. Whether it is a fresh mantle of snow, afternoon light across the wooded foothills beyond the Cascade Brewery, or a full moon above the mountain silhouette, the ever-changing aspects of kunanyi/Mt Wellington loom large. kunanyi/Mt Wellington is fundamental to our sense of place. For us, it is a cultural icon.

The Mountain shackled?

kunanyi/Mt Wellington remains in a largely natural state but the proposed cable car would irrevocably change that. The loading and entertainment infrastructure on the lower slopes, the pylons, wires and service roads, bus-sized carriages with a capacity of 60 to 100 people, and the extensive terminus buildings with restaurants and bars in the fragile alpine zone, would visually and environmentally desecrate the mountain.

The experience of walkers, climbers, cyclists and motorists would be dramatically and negatively affected by this development. Residents of South Hobart who live near the path of the cable car would have tourists gazing into their back yards and living rooms. Traffic problems in upper Macquarie St and Cascade Road would be made much worse, with hundreds of extra cars and buses traversing the road at peak times.

The proposed route, directly over the iconic Organ Pipes, would change the mountain forever. This ill-conceived scheme belongs in Disneyland or Los Vegas, not Tasmania!

We simply don't want this mountain-shackling development.

Not if we can help it!

The cable car proponent has painted a rosy picture of the project and has curried political favour, but has provided meagre detail.

We want to show what the proposed development would actually look like, and the impacts on The Mountain and in South Hobart if it were to go ahead.

You can join us...

We need to make a fighting fund for:

* graphic visuals of the proposed developments

* design and print 10,000 copies of a large, full colour brochure

* legal and planning advice

* newspaper advertising

And to thank you for your support...

An enticing array of rewards to generous supporters is being offered, including:

* a set of 10 post cards by Peter Dombrovskis, including an image of kunanyi

* 'No Cable Car' bumper stickers

* A signed copy of the new book from Don Knowler - "The Shy Mountain"

* a photographic print of kunanyi at dawn, by Rob Blakers

* a guided tour of the beautiful Jubilee Gardens in South Hobart

* a stunning, framed kunanyi/Mt Wellington winter summit photograph by Nick Monk

* a framed print of the summt of kunanyi/Mt Wellington by the famed Peter Dombrovskis

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Team Members

Rob Blakers

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