End Of Year Campaign for Global Outreach!

By Nitartha Institute

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Here are some amazing gifts for supporting us that you will love

When you give a minimum of $39, you will be entered into a drawing for various different gifts. Also, if your donation is a recurring donation of $9 a month or higher, you are automatically entered into the drawings!

Gift 1: You will be entered into a drawing to win one Summer Institute session. $600 value. One lucky donor will receive this!

Gift 2: You will be entered into a drawing to win one Semester Class. $200 value. Two lucky donors will receive this!

Gift 3: You will be entered into a drawing to win 25% off of one Semester Class. $50 value. Five lucky donors will receive this!

What is the fundraiser about?

On Giving Tuesday, we raised $6,700 of our goal of $20,000. We are still behind in our goal. Please help us get there!

You can help us to keep Nitartha Institute running

At Nitartha Institute, reaching our End Of Year Global Outreach goal of $20,000 will enable us to be financially healthy, continue to build our reserves, do a complete revamp of the website, create engaging, effective, and inspiring outreach materials, and make available more educational resources to current and new tudents. So, please give what you can: $5000, $500, $200, $50, $10. Every little bit helps. And, when you make your donation a recurring monthly gift, you will make an even greater impact.

We have a problem:

  • Nitartha Institute depends on semester class fees, summer registration, and donations. We continually operate on a break-even basis. In order to remain healthy and allow us to provide these profound teachings in various formats, we need to engage more students in our programs. Your donations can help us to increase our visibility and outreach to the world, providing a benefit to both Nitartha and, ultimately, to students like you.

  • Our website is old and difficult to navigate. Visitors are leaving without exploring what we have to offer.

  • It is lacking relevant, useful information that you and interested students are seeking, including important teachings.

  • It is difficult for new people to find us because our website does not come up on Google and Bing searches for important key words.

  • Our outreach materials are outdated and not as helpful as they could be to new students. People will be inspired by outreach materials that give them a taste of the Nitartha experience, beginning with their first contact. Designing and printing costs are one of our highest expenses.

#1: Paid staff of Nitartha Institute and their family are not eligible to receive the gifts.

#2: You will be entered into all of the drawings, however, you can only receive one of the gifts.

You can read more about us here:

Website: https://nitarthainstitute.org
Phone: 720-310-0422

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