It’s time for a new era of environmental law

By EDO Qld

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Dear friends,

In the face of climate change - and new dirty mega coal mines in our backyard - our Reef, our farmers, our tourism industry, and everyday folk like you and me are in need of a good lawyer. One that doesn’t cost the earth. That’s EDO Qld.

We need your urgent help so that we can keep providing expert legal assistance and support to people whose communities face harm from the likes of excessive land clearing, coal and CSG mines, pollution and harmful development.

The reality is, we’re seeing an increase in people forced to seek our legal assistance in the face of unchecked development and short-sighted decisions favouring short-term gains over legitimate community concerns. Queenslanders need our help.

Hardworking farmers in Acland continue to face uncertainty over their futures. Despite our monumental win in the Land Court, the coal mining company challenged the Court’s recommendation. We continue to represent and assist these landholders.

Unfortunately, our current State and national environmental laws are not strong enough, with the odds stacked against communities (who should not, for example, have to fight for mine clean-ups). We need to work for more accountability and transparency from Government and industry to help level the playing field. And that’s exactly what we plan to do.

You deserve to have stronger environmental laws to protect your community. You deserve to be armed with the knowledge of how to navigate the legal system and enforce your rights. And you deserve to feel confident about the future of Queensland’s remarkably diverse natural wonders.

EDO Qld is in a unique position to help.

As retired Supreme Court Judge, and EDO Qld patron, Alan Wilson QC says: “EDO does vital work for Queensland, striving to ensure that its citizens have a voice in important matters touching the preservation of its natural beauty, and the safe and sensible use of its bounteous resources. Supporting the EDO is a valuable way to ensure our descendants share that bounty.

For every $100 you give, the community receives nearly $800 worth of specialist legal services.

With your support, we recently:

  • provided legal advice and representation to people across the State and ran remarkable court cases challenging big coal, like the landmark Acland win.
  • worked behind-the-scenes, supporting community groups to legally scrutinise major projects, like Adani.
  • stood up for democracy by sending seven key detailed policy requests to all political parties prior to the State election.
  • worked hard with government and communities on law reform through submissions and appearances at committee hearings and communicating with you on landclearing, developer donations and cleaning up after dirty coal mines.
  • partnered with community groups to present at workshops, panels and seminars from Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast to Airlie Beach, Townsville, Mission Beach and Cairns, to empower you with knowledge of how to use your rights most effectively to help protect the environment and your community and get your concerns heard.

Right now, urgent action is needed to push for stronger laws on mine site clean-up, on protecting nature, and on transparency and accountability.

As you know, we have always advocated that the law is a powerful tool to protect your environment. Our specialist lawyers have been at the forefront of improving state and national laws for communities for almost 30 years.

"The EDO Qld team is professional, dedicated, on the ball and goes beyond the call of duty to ensure communities get the best legal advice and support possible" - Naomi Hogan of Lock the Gate

We love and believe in what we do, but we can’t do it without your financial support. It’s time for a new era of environmental laws and standing up for your rights. Are you in?

Yours sincerely,

Jo-Anne Bragg


Environmental Defenders Office (Qld) Inc

PS Before 30 June, please choose to help us reach our minimum target of $100,000. Because you deserve stronger laws, stronger rights and stronger access to justice when it comes to your environment.

(Image: EDO Qld volunteer Management Committee, from left Secretary Paul Rees; Chair Rachel Eberhard; Member Dan Morton; Treasurer Anne-Maree Elliott; and Member Vikki McLeod)

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