Neurokinex Kids redefining possibilities for kids with paralysis

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Neurokinex Kids is Crowdfunding to bring fresh hope to children with paralysis

A little background

Neurokinex is a not-for-profit organisation (Charity Number 1169964), established in 2013, which provides specialised neurological activity-based rehabilitation for individuals living with various levels of paralysis. Our approach is different from traditional rehab and our results are startling. The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation chose Neurokinex at Gatwick as its first and only affiliate outside the US. With access to such ground-breaking technology and methods, we have the potential to truly changes lives of people with paralysis.

What sets us apart

Our environment, staff and unique, ground-breaking programmes enable clients to make great progress, often exceeding their own expectations.

Let the children come

More and more children, some as young as two, are seeking our help. Aside from tugging at our heart strings, these little people deserve the very best chance of rehabilitation and recovery.

Here’s why:

  • Children with paralysis can make great progress because a child’s nervous system is capable of adapting even better than an adult’s to recover neurological function.

  • Children need to stand and walk for their musculoskeletal systems to develop properly, and Neurokinex's therapies can help them achieve this.

  • Participation in Neurokinex programmes can help reduce secondary health complications such as bone mineral density loss, slow joint formation, compromised circulation and cardiovascular health.

  • Neurokinex treatment in children can help them live longer, healthier lives.

  • Today’s injured toddlers could benefit from tomorrow’s advances in treating paralysis - but only if we can keep them strong and flexible, ready to make the most of what’s around the next corner…

The story so far

Presently Neurokinex has a limited programme for children. We treat them in the main gym but they need their own space and bespoke equipment for best results. As with learning, young children’s rehab is best done through play. Pull along toys, brightly coloured balls, motorised cars, swings and crayons all come into play: literally. Add in some lively siblings and parents whose support and interaction is crucially important, you can see how when the kids are in, Neurokinex quickly resembles a high-tech creche. While amusing for our adult clients, it’s not an ideal set-up…

Making progress

At our Gatwick site, we have space upstairs for a dedicated kids zone. For two years this lay dormant – beyond our reach. Then generous donors and local workmen made the electrics safe, put in floors and toilets and made good the walls. Family, friends and clients took turns to decorate the space – but that’s as far as we’ve got…

Neurokinex Kids Fund

We must Crowdfund to cover the cost of a neuro gym fit-out to suit our young clients. We need to buy specialised paediatric rehabilitation equipment and invest in rehabilitation training and accreditation so we can get more staff skilled and accept more children onto our life-changing programmes.

The sort of specialised kit we need includes:

Xcite - £30,000

A unique protocol of Wide Pulse Stimulation that activates the spinal cord and central nervous system and moves the muscles and paralysed limbs. Ground-breaking technology that our kids really need.

Squiggles Stander - £1700

Allows all-important standing posture to help improve bone density, motor abilities and reduce spasticity and spasms.

Lite Gait - £4,500

For proper posture, reduced weight bearing, balance control and gait training.

Theraplay Tricycle - £570.00

A fun way to progress leg strength and mobility.

Grillo Walker - £1,700

Specialty gait trainer designed to help children walk in various environments and positions.

Activity Tilt Table - £906.00

Incredibly flexible, height adjustable table that allows standing while playing.

Southpaw Swing and Soft Play – customised for Neurokinex Kids - £15,000

This swing and soft play area has been designed specifically for Neurokinex Kids and we’d love to install it. It also includes a variety of sensory play equipment - such as mats, exercise balls – to boost balance, co-ordination, stepping, climbing, crawling and walking. It’s everything we need to help the children in our care.

Thanks so much for your support which is helping us get closer to our goal for Neurokinex Kids. Please tell your family and friends about our campaign. And look out for updates on our progress. Thank you for your help.

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