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A little context

The St. Anthony Falls Historic District is the heart of the city of Minneapolis and the center of its founding. It is nationally recognized as a place of cultural and historical importance and is officially designated as such. Its historic resources are enjoyed by residents, business owners and visitors alike and contribute to a “sense of place” that contributes to the distinct identity of the city. Preserving these assets is therefore essential to the city’s well being. Source: St. Anthony Falls Historic District Guidelines.

But there’s a problem

Our neighborhood is home to the largest concentration of intact historic structures in the City and is the birthplace of Minneapolis, sitting adjacent to St. Anthony Falls, which fueled the lumber and milling businesses in the 1800s. Unfortunately, this special place is threatended by the City's approval of demolition of the St. Anthony Falls Commerical Club, a contributing structure to the historic district. In its place, plans call for a 42-story tower of glass and steel, rivaling the skyscrapers of downtown Minneapolis.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Neighbors for East Bank Livability, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preservation of this historic neighborhood, has filed a lawsuit to block demolition of the St. Anthony Falls Commercial Club, challenging the City's authority to approve ad hoc development that threatens the integrtiy of the St. Anthony Falls Historic District.

We are holding public officials accountable to the historic guidelines they approved just a few years ago to ensure the integrity and viability of the disctrict. City officals are not above the laws that they write!

You can join us

We need to raise $50,000 in the next 90 days to fund our ongoing legal battle and continue this challenge to those that would forever change the charm, walkability and livability of the east bank of Minneapolis. We have hired the best historic experts and lawyers in Minnesota and have made significant headway in our legal challenge.

And what will you get for your efforts?

You will be part of a grass roots campaign to challenge public officials who approve projects that show no regard for the long-term impact on some of the most beautiful places and spaces in Minneapolis.

Please help us today!

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