NACHMO Dance Aus fundraiser for Mental Health Research

By Georgina Lumb

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Attention choreographers, dancers, and movement enthusiasts!

I want to introduce you to NACHMO!

NACHMO is National Choreography Month and during January 2019 will be posting daily prompts to inspire and extend participants.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @NachmoDanceAus

A lot of the time choreographers and dance teachers focus on creating works for others; colleagues, students, company members. What Nachmo aims to do is refresh choreographers and reinspire them to create pieces on their own bodies focussing on the process and not the product. While also extending dancers and movement enthusiasts to create something new. We also aim to nurture the dance community in every participating city, as well as the online community as a whole.

All participants will have the opportunity to perform in our charity showcase on February 16th at Blackwood Memorial Hall. There will be an all ages event at 2pm, and an 18+ event at 8pm, providing up to 60 performance slots in total. It is only $30 registration for participants wanting to perform at the showcase. This fee is to help cover hall hire and insurance costs. Please note that for group performances each performer will need to register individually and note that they are part of a group.

It is completely free to participate in Nachmo around the world, all you need to do is go to to sign up.

Tickets for performances will be $20 for adults, and $15 for concessions. There will be mixture of cabaret and standard row seating. The performances are licensed, drinks will be available at the bar before, during, and after each performance. Due to licensing restrictions you can unfortunately not bring alcohol into the venue, however please do bring you own non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.

Beyond hall and production fees all proceeds will be donated directly to the Breakthrough Mental Health Foundation. To help fundraise we will also be selling advertising space in the program for both performances (from $75), as well as running a bar and raffle.

Please refer to for details on our core values and inclusivity statements.

If you have any other questions, would like to get in touch, or would like to offer help for the event in another way please contact me at [email protected]

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