Myall Creek Memorial cultural performance space and garden

By Friends of Myall Creek Memorial

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A little bit of context

The Friends of Myall Creek Memorial is a group of Aboriginal and non-Indigenous Australians who came together and built a memorial for the 28 Aboriginal women, children and old men who were massacred at Myall Creek on 10 June 1838. The memorial was stage 1 of our long-term goal to build an education and cultural centre.

The second stage consists of a cultural performance space that will be used by Aboriginal dance groups and artists from the community. The stage 2 project also includes parking, shelters, toilet facilities and a cultural garden. This project is being funded through a grant from Create NSW and in kind support from Gwydir Shire Council.

But there’s a problem

Unfortunately, the grant is not enough to cover all the costs. The original plan has been amended to reduce the costs. However, we still need additional funds to complete the project including items such as solar power for the performance space facilities and to create a fenced and watered garden for Indigenous plants.

In a rural setting, solar power is essential to make the site facilities sustainable and reliable. The cultural garden, with plants used by Aboriginal people for food and medicine, is a crucial part of the educational experience for school students and other visitors to the site. It will be an important part of the whole learning experience when the education and cultural centre is eventually built.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are asking you to help us raise the money needed to ensure the cultural performance space is completed with solar powered facilities and a cultural garden to complete the educational experience for visitors.

You can join us

We want to raise at least $50,000 to meet the short fall in funds and be able to install solar power and create the cultural garden.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

We will provide the following in recognition of your generous donations:

$25 to $49 - an emailed certificate recognising your generosity.

$50 to $99 – Myall Creek massacre & memorial: our shared history booklet

$100 to $199 – Demons at Dusk by Peter Stewart, a novel about the Myall Creek massacre

$200 to $299 – Frontier Conflicts, Wars and Massacres in Australia 1770-1940’s booklet

$300 or more - Myall Creek and beyond art exhibition book

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