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A little bit of context

Family and domestic abuse exposes children to a variety of vulnerabilities. It has profound effects on their education, future relationships, health, emotional wellbeing and engagement in community life.

But there’s a problem

Victim Support Service (VSS) is funded by the South Australian Government to assist adults who experience crime, including women who are or have experienced family and domestic abuse. While we can offer counselling, legal advice and home security for adults affected by family and domestic abuse, the core funding we receive does not extend to supporting children who have experienced family and domestic abuse. We want to work with children to help them imagine and design their own MySafePlace in their home.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

VSS is establishing MySafePlace for children aged from five years who have experienced family and domestic abuse to address their fear of crime and to develop children's sense of security and agency from which they can begin to recover from trauma. At age five, most children are able to effectively communicate their thoughts and desires. This is important as children can participate in the decision-making process when designing their own MySafePlace. We will work with children to bring to life what they imagine their MySafePlace looks and feels like.

You can join us

We need your help to raise funds to buy paint, toys, bedding and furniture to turn a child's MySafePlace dream into a reality. This is your opportunity to be a part of a community solution to helping children feel safer and recover from trauma faster.

If you have a trade or a business and want to donate in other ways, please contact Louise directly on 1800 VICTIM (1800 842846) to discuss other sponsorship opportunities.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

By supporting MySafePlace, you'll be giving hope to children who have experienced violence in their homes. Your involvement will let these kids know that you care. A stranger. That their opinions and wishes and dreams are valued and will be acted upon. That they are important.

Your donations will show that it is not OK for a child to be afraid in their own home to sleep at night; that it is not OK for a child to be terrified of what might happen if they let their guard down or relax.

These bedroom makeovers are more than a TV special - they are an acknowledgement that all children deserve their own MySafePlace. All children deserve to have dreams and wishes and fancies. MySafePlace aims to show that we, as adults, will listen to these dreams, take them seriously, and create a haven for children to aid in their recovery after family and domestic abuse.

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