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M4H are a non-for-profit of musicians and music lovers, using their love of sound to share it.

In Australia, we're lucky to have incredible access to hearing care. For every one of us, there are 20,000 hearing professionals ready to go. In Nepal however, this number is closer to 1 in 5 million, making it more likely to be struck by lightning then acquire a hearing aid if you need one. The very real impact of this number is that many individuals will go without equal access to education, employment or language, yet alone the beauty that is music. We don't believe this is fair.

We can make a difference

Last year our efforts funded an clinical team to travel into rural Cambodia treating ear infections in street children and providing hearing aids to the elderly. This year we're going bigger! We've teamed up with our friends on the ground, Himalayan Hearing and Health, to complete the build of the first hearing clinic in Southern Nepal. This wonderful organisation has been making huge waves in healthcare in the region for several years, especially in regards to women's care. Together, with this clinic, thousands of people will be able to gain treatment and access to hearing care for their ears.

Join Us & Party!

We simply cannot do this alone. It's a huge feat and we need your help. We're after $10,000 to get this off the ground, money that will be well spent on much needed equipment and facilities. You can donate direct, or by attending one of our Auslan interpreted music events. We're raising $5,000 here, and making up the remainder through our events - come join us for one!

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If you've ever appreciated the sounds you hear, the music you love, or the conversations you're apart of - please consider supporting this project.


<3 Love for our sponsors <3

Special thanks to Kate Disher-Quill for sharing her photography with us - her work is featured in our banner image. We'd also like to thank our event partners HEARsmart & Hearservice.


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