Instruments for Youth Music Program

By Fitzroy Learning Network Inc.

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A little bit of context

Fitzroy Learning Network needs new equipment to help expand our music program and make it available to more young people.

For decades FLN has been a place of refuge and support. Today it is where refugees, asylum seekers and those living in the public housing estates of inner Melbourne can find a place to learn and connect. For both young and old, FLN provides vital services to people who may otherwise not be able to access them due to social and economic barriers.

Our afterschool program, the Fitzroy Clubhouse, offers local young people (between 10 – 18 years of age) a diverse array of free programming including workshops in digital art, photography, video-making and music.

Our music program has been one of our greatest successes. Our soundcloud features over eighteen original songs and has been featured on local radio (including RRR and PBS) We have also produced a number of music videos to go with these songs, some of which can be viewed here, here, and here.

But there’s a problem

Due to limited funds, only a small group of young people are currently able to participate in our music programs. At present, we are only able to offer instruction in electronic music (due to the costs of purchasing physical instruments).

We know that there is great pool of young, untapped talent within our local community, and it is our aim to provide a chance for that talent to emerge and develop.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

It is our aim to expand our music program so that a much larger group of young people will be able to participate, as well as increasing the diversity of the musical possibilities on offer: we aim to offer free one-on-one instruction in a range of instruments including guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. We also need to purchase some new microphones (for recording original songs) plus a variety of other items that will assist us with storing these instruments (cabinets, protective cases and stands). In the future we will also offer culturally-diverse instruments such as the sitar, the oud and the kora.

And how it’s going to change the community

Music is able to connect people in a unique and universal manner by transcending language barriers, and by providing a safe way to access and express emotions, feelings, and ideas. Our aim is to foster a network of individuals who can collaborate, teach, learn and grow together through musical invention, performance and exploration. The acquisition of skills specific to the music industry (i.e. music production, performance, song writing, promotion, instrument-specific skills) will also help to provide numerous future pathways to employment and further study.

This program will be a significant benefit to young people looking for new ways to express themselves, and for those who would love to learn an instrument but are unable to access private tuition.

As the program grows, we will hold bi-monthly musical gatherings in our courtyard where experienced musicians and new learners alike can come together to collaborate and perform to a live audience, creating the basis for a diverse musical community in the heart of Fitzroy.

You can join us

In order to do all this, we need $6,000. This money will go towards purchasing:

4x guitars (2x nylon, 2x electric)
4x keyboards (MIDI and electronic)
1x bass guitar
1x electronic drum kit

2x guitar amps
6x headphones
2x microphones

1x Ableton push controller (for hands-on electronic production)

plus an assortment of stands and cases.

Anything received beyond this amount will go towards hiring additional teachers.

Here’s some amazing perks for supporting us:

$10 - tax deductible donation receipt
$20 – free download link to all songs made at the Fitzroy Clubhouse
$30 – free entry to the first live music night in our courtyard, featuring experienced performers and a variety of musical traditions
$65 – free entry to all performances in our courtyard for 2016
$100 – Your company logo (or name) will be placed on our website.

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