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Invest & let's grow together!

Were asking you to invest in your food security through pre-purchasing our local organic food boxes to 'grow together'. The aim of our crowdfunding campaign is to:
- grow more organic food by allowing more farmers to connect to our growers network; we will set up an organic farmer apprenticeship programme aimed at young people to be your future food growers;
- grow our CSA box subscription system to make it easier for you to eat local organic food; we will build an online automated subscription system to ensure transparency, order flexibility and availability of produce;
- grow our delivery areas to service more remote communities with our local organic produce; we will have our own delivery driver servicing all our areas, ensuring quality of produce and service from paddock to plate.

A little bit of context

Who are we at Munch Crunch Organics?
Munch Crunch Organics is a local organic food social enterprise. We work as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) system, delivering organic food boxes from Yamba to Brisbane. We support several local organic farmers and connect them directly to their consumers. We've been delivering food boxes for five years, and we're continuously growing, proving our local CSA delivery model works.

For our customers: We offer 'sustainable convenience'.Your groceries are delivered right to your door, and you know you're eating food you can trust that hasn't been excessively packaged or travelled long distances.
For our farmers: The CSA model makes small-scale organic farming viable. It reduces the risk of farming by working together, sharing skills, labour and equipment, and providing the farmer with a market and a fair and agreed price.

But there's a problem

To continue growing organically, Munch Crunch Organics needs your help. Since we consider you, the consumer, an essential part of supporting a fair, local organic food system, we'd like to treat you as an equal and be transparent about what our social enterprise needs to keep growing: We're not asking for donations, but for you to be our community partner; we're asking you to be an investor in Munch Crunch Organics' CSA, for us to grow together.

Munch Crunch Organics operates as a social enterprise. This means that our mission ("to create a social enterprise food model that supports organic farmers by connecting them directly to local consumers. We create and grow organic community supported agriculture systems that regenerate the land and provide healthy food now and for future generations") is as important to us as running a viable business. We believe the centralisation and commodification of food has led to detrimental effects on the quality and nutritional value of food. Too many businesses in the food industry are interested in making profits and not in offering nutritious, ethical food. Munch Crunch Organics is, and that's why we have a transparent pricing model: we don't hide any extra costs in the price of our produce. By doing so, we're keeping organic food affordable. However, this means our profits are kept minimal, and we need you to invest with us to help us grow our business.

The solution!

We want to grow more healthy food and put it on the kitchen tables of more families. To do so, we need to:
- grow enough organic food (incl. quantity and variety, while retaining quality),
- make it easier for you (our customer) to order, and
- ensure it's delivered in mint condition to your door.

How do we plan to reach and improve this?
1. Grow our farmers network by including more farmers and supporting them with organic certification, crop planning and farming techniques to meet our (your!) quality standards. The more farmers we have on board, the more consistency and variety of produce we can offer. This also means that more land will be farmed organically, which is great news for the environment and bees.
We're working with Future Feeders and training young farmers on our existing Munch Crunch Organics farms. With the extra funds we can create an accredited course for organic farmers that will make organic farming a more attractive option for young farmers.
2. Improve our online ordering system by creating a subscription system so you don't have to remember to order every week. We'd also upgrade our systems to be more mobile-friendly, flexible and up-to-date.
3. Get our own delivery driver for all of our delivery areas so we can offer quality control until your doorstep and no longer depend on third party delivery services.

It's going to change the world

Why is this all important?
- More and more research shows the benefits of eating organic and the importance of avoiding artificial pesticides and GMOs in your food (read more about 'Why Organic?' here >>).
- It's important to know where your food is coming from to know you're eating food you can trust. Eating certified organic food ensures that quality standards have been met and that you're purchasing food from a business that prioritizes your health over their profits.
- The average age of the Australian farmer is 55 years old. Getting into farming in today's market involves high risks and potential financial insecurity. We need to appeal to young farmers to preserve small-scale organic farms (read more about our collaboration with the Future Feeders and our apprenticeship program for young farmer trainees here>>)
- Small-scale organic farming has the potential to reverse climate change through carbon storage (read more here)

Join us

By investing in Munch Crunch Organics you can be part of the movement to connect local farmers and their community. You'll ensure more families have easy access to healthy, fresh, local organic food, support local farmers and look after the soil for generations to come.

Customer testimonial

"We really enjoy our veg/fruit boxes from Munch Crunch Organics because they are the best value you will find anywhere for organic produce. The vegetables are so fresh you would think they had just been picked from your own garden, and the cost is very competitive and affordable. We also appreciate the variety and no box is ever boring!
We feel very lucky to be able to access Munch Crunch deliveries in Brisbane and receive organic produce of such high quality from outside of the Byron Bay area. We also enjoy all of the updates from the Farmer, Alasdair Smithson, and appreciate his input in relation to farm activities and all things organic.
Thank you for sending us such terrific organic food Munch Crunch Organics!"
-- Susan Mot, Munch Crunch Organics customer

And here's some amazing perks for supporting us that you can't live without:

- A Munch Crunch Organics calendar of 2015 with photos from our farms and seasonal growing & cooking tips (perfect Christmas gift!)
- An organic Grow & Cook e-Book by Farmer Al on growing and sustainable cooking expert Alison Drover (Fork in the Field)

- Pre-purchase our ORGANIC FOODBOXES - for you or as a Christmas gift!
- Purchase Munch Crunch CREDIT and receive an extra 5% credit into your Munch Crunch account

- A VIP MOVIE PREMIERE invite to the Byron Bay premiere screening of the first Australian Fair Food film 'Just Food' including organic snacks and drinks afterwards (watch the trailer here >>>

- A FARM WORKSHOP by our own Farmer Al to improve your own farming skills and to see where your veggies are grown

- A PADDOCK-TO-PLATE DINNER at the Roadhouse in Byron Bay

- Pay-it-forward and donate money for us to DONATE FOOD boxes to people in need through the local charity Liberation Larder

Are you a farmer and could use some help?

- Personalized professional farming consulting sessions
- On-site farm design

Reward packages in short:

We have created reward packages for box customers, non-box customers and gardeners/farmers. Read info below or on the right hand side of the screen which would be most appealing to you!


$60 = 1 Organic Box & E-Book
*1 Medium Seasonal Box (perfect Christmas gift!)
** Grow & Cook E-Book
***Good karma for supporting us & our gratitude

$120 = 2 Boxes & VIP movie premiere
* 2 Medium Seasonal Boxes
** VIP invite to Byron Bay premiere of the Fair Food film 'Just Food'
***Good karma for supporting us & our gratitude

$250 = $200 Credit & Roadhouse dinner OR farm-workshop
* $200 Munch Crunch Organics credit to purchase organic boxes (valid 12 months)
** Grow & Cook E-Book
*** Paddock to plate dinner at the Roadhouse Byron Bay OR Farm workshop by Farmer Al
****Good karma for supporting us & our gratitude

$550 = $500 Credit & Roadhouse dinner AND farm-workshop
* $500 Munch Crunch Organics credit to purchase organic boxes (valid 12 months)
** Grow & Cook E-Book
*** Farm workshop at the Munch Crunch Organics farm
**** Paddock to plate dinner at the Roadhouse Byron Bay
*****Eternal gratitude and your name on our website

$1,000 = $1050 Credit & VIP Movie Premiere & VIP for life
*$1000+5% Munch Crunch credit (valid 12 months)
**Grow & Cook E-Book
***VIP Movie Premiere invite
****VIP Munch Crunch subscriber for life - receiving $5 off all future orders
*****Eternal gratitude and your name on our website


$30 = Calendar & E-Book
* Munch Crunch Organics calendar with seasonal growing tips
** Grow & Cook E-Book
***Good karma for supporting us & our gratitude

$250 = Pay-it-forward Angel Box

* Munch Crunch Organics calendar
**We don't deliver to you/ you don't need boxes/ just want to help? We'll pay it forward and donate 4 weekly boxes to Liberation Larder - a Byron food rescue service that runs a cafe for people in need
*** Eternal gratitude and your name on our website


$2,000 = Farm consulting
* 35 hours with Alasdair Smithson (BSc Hons Organic Agriculture) tailored to your needs e.g. assisting you setting up/ improve your farm/ help with organic certification (Travel and Expenses outside of Northern Rivers, NSW not incl.)

$10,000 = Organic farm set up by Alasdair Smithson (BSc Hons Organic Agriculture)

* Farm Design/Cropping plans/Organic Certification and 2 hours weekly support over 6 months to set up your own organic farm (Travel and Expenses outside of Northern Rivers, NSW not incl.)

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