Impact Schools Globally & Win a FREE Trip with Mudita!

By Josh Henry

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2020 Projects

First, some info on us. 

If you're not familiar with Mudita Adventures yet, we are a social enterprise committed to creating social good projects all around the world that truly benefit the communities we visit.  We primarily focus on education and childhood development. Our belief is that all children deserve the opportunity to become tomorrow’s change makers. No matter what family, nationality, class or religion they grow up in, each one deserves a fair opportunity. We strive to provide critical support for local communities and schools that need a helping hand. We give back communities around the globe by marrying the positivity and excitement of travel with the beauty and meaningfulness of impacting to the communities we visit.

Check out our 7 Mudita Projects in 2020!


We have a target budget of $10,000 to spend on each project, in each country. Your donation will go directly into one of our grassroots projects. We work with local, well-established non-profit organizations on the ground to make sure we are operating at the best value on a truly needed improvement. 

That means your money will go straight into building new schools and classrooms. Installing playgrounds so kids get to be kids. Supplying entire schools with textbooks, desks, water tanks, a place to go to bathroom and dormitories for orphans to sleep at night.

What's really cool is that your donation is not only going to mean the world to a child and a community, but your donation could actually bring you on the trip of a lifetime to be part of it! Each time you donate to one of our projects, your name will be entered into the sweepstakes to win an all expense paid trip. $10 = 1 Entry, $25 = 3 Entries, $50 = 6 Entries, $100 = 12 Entries, and so on...

This year, we are giving away 1 FREE spot to:

  • Nicaragua - Winner announced on August 29, 2020

Check out our story and past projects here

Check to see how we use your donations here.

The trips sweepstakes are open to any nationality over the age of 18. For more details click here.

To see all of our upcoming trips and itineraries click here.

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