Emergency Campaign: Support Youth Empowerment in Honduras!

By educate.

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In Honduras, only 50% of students carry on past 6th grade.

Young people in Honduras, especially those from rural areas, are systematically marginalised from educational opportunities. Cycles of generational poverty, injustice and extreme violence (Honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world) mean that countless young people do not have access the opportunities they need to thrive as the creative, eager and ambitious individuals that they are.

Here’s what we’re doing about it.

We work to empower children and young people in Honduras through supporting community-driven initiatives focused on education.

Alongside local leaders and youth, we have designed a community impact strategy that combines a tertiary education scholarship programme with support for school-based community projects, thereby supporting rural youth all through their educational trajectories and fundamentally transforming educational opportunities and environments in these communities.

At the core of it all is our scholarship programme.

Scholarship student Tania Caballero, who studies industrial engineering.

Supporting high-potential rural youth

Working in partnership with local public secondary schools in Honduras, we work to provide opportunities for high-potential students from low-income backgrounds to pursue post-secondary education. All of our students are first-generation high-school graduates.

This is Javier, who was the first in his family to graduate from high school and the only person from his high school class to go on to university, studying computer science.

Young leaders and role models

Our scholarship students act as role models in their communities. Every year, each student goes back to their former high school to give inspirational talks to the upper classes and to inspire these students and make the opportunity of educate.'s scholarships known to others.

In 2020 we are also starting to train our students in giving skill and value-based workshops!

This is Stephanie (middle) with her mother (left) and sister (right), making cuajada cheese on their small family farm. Stephanie is studying medicine at university on an educate. scholarship.

Community impact: Libraries

In the communities where we work, we also strengthen public schools from within by supporting communities in starting projects like school-based community libraries and nutrition programmes. These projects bring communities together and improve the quality of education for students in these areas. So far, we have supported 5 communities in starting vibrant school libraries.

This photo is from one of the community mural painting days in the lead-up to a library inauguration in the village of Las Lagunas.

Covid-19: We need your support now more than ever

As a charitable organisation, one of the biggest impacts of the current coronavirus pandemic is on our fundraising. We had big plans for these months, all of which have been put on hold, leaving us with no funds coming in for the forseeable future.

On top of this, many of our students and team members in Honduras are facing a situation that is about a lot more than simply adapting to remote work and study: families who earn their living on a day to day basis have lost their entire household incomes.

Right now, we need your support more than ever, and we hope you will join us in making sure that everyone in our community is able to get through this immensely difficult and unpredictable time.

Help us stay afloat, and continue to grow this programme!

Our Amsterdam team has signed up to run the Haarlemmermeer Mud Masters on June 7, and we started this campaign page to collect sponsorship. Given the current situation, it is still uncertain whether or not the run will be taking place. But all of this makes this campaign more urgent now than ever, and we need your support so that we can continue doing this work.

And if the mud run does take place, you can bet we'll be there struggling through every obstacle for this cause!

All the money raised through this campaign will be going towards our work in Honduras - supporting our community through the current crisis, and providing life-changing opportunities for high-potential Honduran youth to pursue educational opportunities. We believe in their potential and we know that these young people can and will act as role models and leaders in their communities.

Every donation makes a world of difference. Thank you for believing in us and our work!

Read more about educate. at www.educate-ngo.com.

Join the movement!

By harnessing the power of our community, we know we can make it to our €5,000 goal.

Set up your very own fundraising page, complete with your own story, photos and fundraising goal, and be a part of making educate.'s work possible through this crisis and beyond.

Just scroll to where it says 'Leaderboard' and click 'Sign up as a Fundraiser.' All donations can be made directly to your page and will go straight to educate., all adding to the total amount raised.

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