Mother Nature Needs Her Daughters - Carly's Leadership Journey

By Carly Quisenberry

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Homeward Bound

Invest in women. Invest in science. Invest in the future. Invest in Homeward Bound.

You can help women from around the globe to break through the glass ceiling to become leaders in their field of study and influence the decision making for the preservation of the future of our planet and the next generation.

Global leadership initiative

Homeward Bound is a global leadership training program for women in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math and medicine) who share a passion for environmental sustainability and conservation. Over 10 years, this initiative will equip a global team of women scientists 1000-strong with increased leadership capabilities, experience promoting visibility in both academia and industry, and a skillset to influence policy and decision-making that shapes our planet. Each year, a team of ~100 women are selected to participate in a year-long training and development program that culminates in a 3-week expedition to Antarctica, one of the most ecologically sensitive and inspiring areas on Earth. This year, we are the largest group of women with STEMM expertise to ever embark on an Antarctic expedition.

Homeward Bound is building momentum for change by equipping women to lead, influence, and succeed. Homeward Bound acknowledges that a leader is not necessarily a woman at the top of her field or executive in her career; leadership starts from within and is addressed from the perspective of personal, public, professional, and global development. Four streams of learning form the foundation of the Program: leadership, science collaboration, strategic capability and personal visibility. Training is facilitated by women who are world-class leaders in the field of climate change and sustainability such as Christiana Figueres, Sylvia Earle, and Jane Goodall, among others.

Who is Carly Q?!

Aloha, my name is Carly Quisenberry and I'm joining a global sisterhood of dynamic women who are using their intellect, enthusiasm, science skills, and passions to save the world. We have been chosen to participate in Homeward Bound - a global initiative to support women who believe in leading together with our brethren to combat climate change and make the decisions necessary to ensure a healthy and productive future for our planet. Mother Nature needs me and I need you!

I am a lover of the natural world. This love drives my desire to further scientific research and conservation efforts for the preservation of our planet. I have worked as a Research Technician across the Pacific, Caribbean, and Southern Oceans; including 14 months living and working on Anvers Island in the Antarctic Peninsula. Currently, I’m the Conservation Science Project Manager for The Nature Conservancy’s Palmyra Atoll Program, where I spend half the year living and working on Palmyra Atoll, a remote field station, located 1,100 miles south of the Hawaiian Islands.

I’m very much an island girl and have experienced and witnessed first-hand the impacts of climate change on islands around the globe. Island communities – both human and wildlife are rapidly becoming the first environmental refugees due to the impacts of climate change. My role in this storyline has been to support and conduct scientific research that looks to better understand ecological processes, ideally, this understanding becomes knowledge that will help humanity find methods to adapt to the ever-changing climate.

Homeward Bound combines the two causes I’m most passionate about: the conservation of our planet and equality and empowerment for women. Participating in Homeward Bound is a once in a lifetime experience. By supporting this initiative you’re not only pushing forward my personal and professional growth, but you will also be supporting the Homeward Bound vision of fostering women from around the globe to break through the glass ceiling, to become leaders in their field of study and influence the decision making for the preservation of the future of our planet and the next generation.

Why is this important?

The planet is at an ecological and social turning point, with a large portion of the population missing from the decision-making table. Women are heavily underrepresented in leadership roles, especially in STEMM disciplines. While women are graduating with STEMM degrees at similar or higher rates as their male classmates, they are not represented at similar rates as they enter and advance in the workforce. Women are often in positions that require them to prioritize areas of their private lives, limiting their own career growth and development and the impact they can have in the professional sphere.

Congruent with the global leadership disparage, climate change imposes global challenges to sustainability and human well-being. STEMM disciplines provide evidence-based solutions to implementing action on climate change and conquering the sustainability crisis. Homeward Bound is committed to equipping women with leadership and strategic skills to increase their opportunities to assume global positions of advocacy and empower them to inform policy to proactively address the global climate crisis.

Why Antarctica?

  • The journey to this remote and extreme landscape creates a dynamic environment where the leadership, peer-coaching, problem solving and collaborative skills the program teaches are put to the test.
  • Participants need to be able to disconnect from their regular lives and networks in order to engage completely in the highly introspective aspect of the program.
  • Research shows that Antarctica and the Southern Ocean exert significant influence over global climate. Over the last 50 years, the Antarctic Peninsula has experienced some of the greatest warming on Earth, and given that Antarctica holds around 90% of Earth’s fresh water as ice, Antarctica is central to understanding the global impacts of climate change.
  • There are penguins! Who doesn’t love penguins?!

Thank you for visiting my campaign page and for supporting me along this journey!

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