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By Fiona Smith

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Winning Against Fracking in the UK

Communities around the UK have been threatened with unconventional fossil gas/oil extraction over the past ten years and, thanks to the amazing efforts of long-term campaigners, most of us are now aware of what this extreme form of fossil fuel planet wrecking entails, how it is a real danger to our land, water, air and democracy.

Now, we are at last in a position where there is a moratorium on fracking across the whole of the UK.  It is worth celebrating.  

For a reminder, take a look at this piece by Liz Snook for Ecologist:

Brutal Bailiffs on Preston New Road

Many of you will know that, on Tuesday 19th November, the protectors of New Hope Camp (near the Cuadrilla UK mega-pad gas prospecting project on Preston New Road in Lancashire) were attacked by bailliffs at dawn; their long-established camp was destroyed, and several people and animals have been made homeless.

The protectors had been welcomed by local campaigners against fracking, and have lived as part of the community over the past three years while resisting the fracking activities imposed upon the community.

It's been a bruising week.  For a round up of news, check out these two articles from the Drill Or Drop website:

More Hope

We want to help our friends in the immediate aftermath of this, and so we are setting out to quickly raise £3500.  That's £500 each for each of the seven individuals affected.  We would love to raise more and help them as much as possible.

We hope this will be a small but mighty fundraiser :-)

We are happy that the New Hope protectors should use this money as they see fit to deal with the issues they now face.

Please Help

We can do this!


10 people giving £100

20 people giving £50

100 people giving £10


Please contribute what you can, and share this fundraiser thoughtfully around your networks to people who aren't currently on the frontline of anti-fracking in the UK and may be in a position to help.

Thank you.

Together we are mighty! <3

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