Providing Feminine Hygiene Products to Homeless Women In Montreal

By Monthly Dignity

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Monthly Dignity - Issue at Hand

Can you imagine having to choose between dinner and basic dignity, every single month? As many homeless women have themselves testified, getting their period is one of the most strenuous challenges they face. Their physical discomfort is compounded by their inability to afford feminine hygiene products, and aggravated by their use of makeshift alternatives. 

Neither physical nor mental health should be compromised by the natural and biological phenomenon that is menstruation.

Today, 720+ homeless women in Montreal do not have consistent access to feminine hygiene products. It should not be so.

Our goal : Raise funds. Get products. Distribute.

For fundraising, we are counting on you. Every single donation counts, and could have a huge impact on these women's lives.

We will use the funds to purchase feminine hygiene products (tampons, sanitary napkins, pantyliners and menstrual cups) in bulk, all the while also seeking product donations from both individuals and producers.

Distribution will take place through a collaboration with homeless shelters in Montreal.

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