Mongrel; Quarantine Edition

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As of Monday 23rd March, Mongrel bar & kitchen is closing its doors for at least two weeks as we ride out the shit-storm that is COVID-19 (not a literal shit-storm, so you can stop hoarding toilet paper). In the interest of feeding our bar and kitchen mongrels, and them being able to feed their mongrels, we're going to be selling a bunch of merch, gift vouchers, and miscellaneous silliness to keep us alive while we're closed.

In all seriousness

Our first priority is to support our predominantly casual staff - making sure they have enough for rent, bills and groceries in the face of a potential lack of work in the near future. Our second priority is to our suppliers, all of whom are independent like us, and all of whom will need our payments as much as we do.

We have an incredibly strong local community voicing their wish to support us during the closures, for which we are endlessly greatful. Without them (and our staff) we'd be nothing, and we are optomistic about the future and getting back to doing what we're good at once we're out of the woods.

Mongrels are tenacious and we're looking forward to coming out of this slinging great food, great booze and mediocre conversation at the good people of Brisbane - but for now any support you can offer is massively appreciated.

We also know we're not the only ones in need right now. 10% of all money raised will be donted to OzHarvest, who are doing amazing work getting food out to vulnerable communities who need it the most.

Big slobbery kisses,

Team Mongrel

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