Mobile Hygiene for the homeless

By Street Team Movement

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Street Team Movement has provided laundry services, clothing and hygiene products for the homeless for almost 3 years. We have provided thousands of personal, dental and femenine hygiene products and have washed almost 15,000 loads of laundry, investing over $40,000 into the program--all without fundraising. 

But there’s a problem...

Our current programs keep us grounded in a handful of locations. We begin to reach the same individuals over and over, when we know that Street Team Movement can do more. We can provide hygiene and additial services to more that are living outdoors. 

What we are doing about it

We have invested funds into purchasing a truck which we will use to convert into a Mobile Hygiene Unit. This will allow us to drive to reach the homeless living in the wooded areas that are typically outside of our reach. Along with hygiene items, we will provide a multitude of services including laundry services, clothing, healthcare, heaircuts and job services. We will be able to provide hygiene and additional services to those that are homeless not only in Central Florida, but we will continue to purchase more trucks and deploy them wherever they are needed. 


And how it’s going to change the world! 

The concept of providing Hyiene on a mobile level can be used not only here in Orlando, but ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD where hygenic relief is needed. 

You can join us

We critically need to raise funds for a Mobile Hygiene Unit. This mobile hygiene unit will distribute hygiene products to the homeless. The Mobile Hygiene Unit will be loaded with personal, dental and feminine hygiene items as well as clothes and shoes. Our goal is to raise $20,000 which will allow us to continue our efforts providing laundry to the homeless as well as fund a Mobile Hygiene Unit for a year. 

The 3 tents in the pictures will be staffed by our partners and providing services as well:

  1. Health screenings and general physicals
  2. Haircuts and occasionally we will have massages and nail care
  3. Job services (interview practice, resume building, editing and printing and MORE)

  4. Some people just can’t contribute financially, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help. So even if you love this idea but lack the resources to pledge to its success, there are some other ways you can use to ensure this. Please, use your social might! Tweet about us, like us on Facebook, or write a blog post! The more people we have see and share this campagin, the bigger impact we can have!

    You are more popular and more important than you could ever know! Thanks for helping us get the word out.


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