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By Crisis Classroom

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A Little Bit of Context

Crisis Classroom believes in doing things with people not for people. We work with communities in crisis who are often excluded from formal learning opportunities and social interaction. We don’t presume to know what people need before we meet them, we ask them what they want and then we work together to develop sustainable solutions that empower those communities to continue learning and interacting long after we’ve gone. To do this we train and support volunteers and front line professionals to use their skills to deliver shared learning experiences with excluded people in their community - refugees, homeless, the disaffected and disenfranchised.

The problem

Loneliness and isolation are among the biggest challenges faced by migrants and refugees living in the UK. Loneliness can have negative effects on both physical and mental health. Having poor social connections was even found to be as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Mo has experienced first hand the loneliness and isolation associated with being in a new country. So, Mo worked with us at Crisis Classroom to develop a series of workshops to tackle this issue through sandpainting.

Mo’s workshops are an opportunity for migrants and refugees of all ages and backgrounds to:

meet new people and socialise,

learn a new skill,

and be creative.

Here’s what you can do

Just £150 pays for a workshop covering Mo’s teaching time, his sandpainting supplies and the continued support of Crisis Classroom to grow his project.

We are aiming to raise £900 so that Mo can get 6 workshops off the ground.

In 6 sessions Mo can build:

a community of people

with improved mental well-being

and a fantastic new skill.

About Crisis Classroom

In 2015/16 we built our first project in the Calais refugee camp. In one year we developed a teaching methodology on the ground with refugees, a training programme which trained 56 volunteer teachers, raised £45,000 through crowdfunding and converted a double-decker bus into a mobile school.

We are building a movement that will empower people everywhere to share their skills, start a project and positively impact the education and development needs of displaced people everywhere. We want to break down the barriers between people by training them to teach and learn side by side.

Click here to find out more about training opportunities.

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