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Can you help rescue two orphaned bear cubs?

There is hope for two tiny bear cubs found abandoned in a snow drift, high in the Albanian mountains. Abandoned by their mother, their condition was rapidly deteriorating, they were at risk from poachers and predators and their rescuers feared for the cubs' lives.

Mish and Lucy needed immediate help, or they would have died. Multiple attempts to reintroduce them in the wild had failed as they were too young to survive alone without their mother. The urgent search to find them a home began, somewhere for them to be happy and to lead a natural life.

The Wildwood Trust were approached in the hope that we might be able to provide the orphans with the second chance they so desperately needed. Of course, we said yes!

After our previous successful rescue and rehabilitation of the brown bears Fluff and Scruff, originally from a Bulgarian canned hunting facility, we know we have the ability to give them their best possible home; where they can not only be safe and loved but can also grow into happy, healthy, adult bears.

Thank you for helping to bring them safely to Wildwood in Kent

Since Mish and Lucy arrived safely at their temporary home at Wildwood in Kent, we are delighted to say they are settling in really well and are happily exploring, playing, climbing and completely stealing all of our hearts! 

However, we do hope to make their forever home everything it needs to be and ready for them to move into by Spring 2021. This means we must keep doing everything we can to raise the funds needed to get it completed in time!

In the meantime, this does give those of you who live in or nearer to Kent, a chance to come and see them, so we really hope you can visit soon!

We'd like to say a huge thank you to all of you who have helped to make this happen, we couldn't have brought them safely to Kent without your support.

But we still need your help to build their forever home!

At Wildwood Escot in Devon, work has already started preparing a natural woodland home to enable Mish and Lucy to live full and happy lives. Their new home will give them a rich, stimulating and diverse environment, enabling the cubs to explore, forage, play and have the space they need to develop their natural behaviours and to then grow into happy, healthy adult bears.

The cost just to build their new home, providing them with everything they need will be £150,000. Please help us raise these vital funds by donating now, every single donation will make a huge difference - no matter how much you can spare.

Although those of us in Kent will be sad to see Mish and Lucy move to Devon and will miss them greatly, they are growing so fast and will really need the extra space by then, despite all of the enrichment we will give them.

This means we can't stop now and we must keep doing everything we can to give them the best possible future they could hope to have. Please continue donating, fundraising and helping us to spread the word, we can't do it without you!

Some people have asked why can't they share Fluff and Scruff's larger enclosure and stay in Kent? Unfortunately there are too many different reasons this wouldn't be in the best interest for any of the bears, which is why Mish and Lucy do need their own forever home in Devon where they will have the space they need. But with the continued help from all of you, we do hope to make it just as wonderful as Fluff and Scruff's home in Kent.

Together we can give Mish and Lucy the future they deserve

Although work has already been started by a dedicated team of people, determined to give Mish and Lucy a second chance, we still need your help. You can join our team and help us to complete their rescue. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you can spare, every single penny donated will make a difference and together we can give Mish and Lucy the best future possible.

100% of donations to this rescue fund will be used to ensure Mish and Lucy arrive safely and to provide them with the best home possible. Your donation will also help with their continued care and enrichment once they arrive at Wildwood.

Sign up to become a fundraiser

If you're unable to donate right now or want to do even more to help, you could sign up as a fundraiser to help Mish and Lucy. It's really easy, just decide what you'd like to do, create your page and share it with everyone you know. All funds raised through chuffed will automatically be added to the rescue fund and will come directly to us.

Don't forget to help us spread the word by sharing this page with everyone you know by email and on social media, everything you can do will make a difference for Mish and Lucy, so thank you all in advance for your support!

And don't forget to check out the amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without!

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