#MILK4MARKS - Indian School Breakfast Program

By Kieron J Safstrom

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STRETCH GOAL #2: $8,000 AUD (IN 27 HOURS!)


STRETCH GOAL #3: $12,000 AUD

STRETCH GOAL #4: $15,000 AUD --- DONATE NOW!!!

Our mission is not even close to being accomplished. Keep funding us! This project is

There are 363,000,000+ children under 14 years old in India! That means there are still 181,500,000+ malnourished children going without essential nutrition.

I'm Kieron Safstrom, an Australian Nutritionist.

For the last 3 months I have been growing my non-profit in India. Through working with local social enterprises and charities we have been developing projects to increase young Indian student's health and well-being. It has been a pretty bloody amazing experience so far!

Rukshana looks like she saw a ghost because she quite literally did! (me)

I am continually overwhelmed by how many kids are so obviously malnourished and how far behind they are compared with children their own age in other developing countries. These kids will not get the opportunity to reach their physical and cognitive potential unless something changes. Soon.

  • Every second child in India is malnourished
  • 40% of Indian students do not complete primary school
  • 79% of Indian children are anaemic

(This data comes from a 2013 Pan-India report compiled by Child Rights and You, one of India's leading NGOs. The data was derived from Government Census documents and peer-reviewed published academia).

My numbers paint a bleak picture. The children at this slum-school generally track along the lower 25th Percentile in terms of average Indian Growth Rates for their age brackets.

So, how do we change this?


Feed Them. Better.

With sufficient funding, we will purchase 1 METRIC TONNE of Full Cream Milk Powder. This is a good start, however several micronutrient deficiencies are prevalent in these children, which plain milk cannot fix by itself.

With a little extra funding, we will fortify the Milk Powder with Iodine, Iron and Vitamin A, which are all absolutely CRITICAL for normal physical and cognitive development.

One tonne will provide 22,200 total meals.
One 45g serve of this Fortified Milk Powder before class every day will provide:

  • ONE THIRD of their daily Protein requirement
  • HALF of their daily Iodine, Iron and Vitamin A requirements
  • GUARANTEED consumption of a large glass of potable water

This will increase:

  • Concentration
  • Grades/ marks
  • Bodyweight
  • Stature
  • Bone density
  • Muscle mass
  • Hydration status
  • Immune system resilience
  • Neurological functionality

Which results in more:

  • Junior school graduates
  • High school graduates
  • University graduates
  • Masters graduates
  • PhD graduates
  • Healthy, happy Indian children

Where does your money go?

  • $750 AUD: One Metric Tonne of Full Cream Milk Powder
  • $750 AUD: Packaging, Labelling and Logistics (1 tonne is very heavy)
  • $500 AUD: Fortification with Iron, Iodine and Vitamin A
  • $150 AUD: Reusable environmentally friendly stainless steel cups

The remaining $850 includes the 'Perk' clothing item costs and international shipping. Additionally, this can allow myself to personally travel to the Delhi/ Kalyanpuri Slum Project to deliver educational workshops for the recipient teaching staff and community elders/ leaders regarding nutrition and hygiene, as well as how and when to serve the children their new meals. Getting the Milk to them is only half the solution, the remainder lies within ensuring sustained adherence to the breakfast program. Consistency is key when dealing with nutrient deficiencies.

"So guys, today we are going to learn about Iron and Anaemia"
"Dilshad, do you know the difference between haem iron and non-haem iron?"

Once our initial goal is attained, our mission is NOT over! It's NEVER over.

There are 363,000,000+ children under 14 years old in India! Think about the stats I mentioned before... That's A LOT of malnourished children.

The additional funds will go directly into development and implementation of a more sustainable supply of Fortified Full Cream Milk Powder for malnourished Indian students. This will be distributed by my non-profit, Australasian Nutrition Services, which has been working tirelessly on this sustainable solution for over one month. I can't get into specifics today due to an active mutual NDA with my manufacturers, but trust me when I tell you it's Whey good ;)

A Classroom.

What's in it for you?

You get to help change the world.

  • One T-Shirt will feed one hungry Indian student breakfast for half a year! (183 days)
  • One Hoodie will feed one hungry Indian student breakfast for one whole year! (365 days)
  • The Combo Deal (Tee & Hoodie) will feed one hungry Indian student breakfast for one and a half years! (548 days)

So, Join us! Grab a Hoodie or a Tee, and help us make this exciting project a reality. Together, we can change the lives of thousands of children.

Thanks so much,

Kieron J Safstrom


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And by the way... This is what a University Trained & Qualified Nutritionist can do. No tea-cleanse fads or click-bait here. Get Educated!

Some further clarification on clothing items and shipping:

  • If you noticed that the milk aid projections were different in the video than what is typed above (e.g. 1 hoodie feeds 1 child for 1 year) then you are very observant. The video was created a few days prior and I have since updated my costing calculations in order to provide MORE Fortified Full Cream Milk Powder to each child!
  • The easiest way to purchase multiple sizes is to do separate orders. You are not charged any extra fees for doing this.
  • Shipping of all items to everyone in Australia is FREE
  • Shipping to places other than Australia costs a lot more;
    • For a T-Shirt please add an extra $9 to your donation
    • For a Hoodie please add an extra $14 to your donation
    • For the Combo Deal please add an extra $20 to your donation

If you're interested in our project but can't help right now, let's keep in touch!

Here's a little bonus for those who made it to the end! A couple of my favourite moments from my time in India so far :)
My Car!

Where I slept when I was working at the slum-school!

Invited to my first Indian wedding last week! Blessed.

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